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President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan

The US budget deficit ballooned to $779 billion this year, the highest since 2012, driven by Trump’s tax law and the massive budget deal

The budget deficit for fiscal year 2018 hit $779 billion, according to the Treasury Department, up 17% from the year before and the widest since 2012. The deficit increase was driven by the GOP tax law and a bipartisan spending agreement.
A trader looks up at charts on his screen just before the end of trading for the day on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, November 18, 2013.

Traders are glued to a key level on the charts

Traders are paying close attention to key technical levels, and right now the 200-day moving average is in focus. The S&P 500's 200-day moving average has been tested three times this year, and has so far managed to hold.

US unemployment rate falls to its lowest level since 1969

The low unemployment rate shown in Friday's jobs report added to evidence of a booming economy, now in a record eighth straight year of monthly job gains. It also showed the labor market continuing to tighten, perhaps eventually pressuring companies to pay workers more.
Trucking has lost much of its prestige.

Truck driver salaries have fallen by as much as 50% since the 1970s — and experts say a little-known law explains why

Truck drivers' salaries have decreased by as much as 50% since the 1970s. Economists say The Motor Carrier Act of 1980 is partially to blame for the devaluation of one of America's most dependable blue collar jobs.
Warehouse workers are finally being paid more.

Warehouse workers are finally seeing meaningful pay increases, but many are still forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet

Pay for warehouse workers is going up after years of no increases. Now, the majority of warehouse workers can expect to make at least $12 an hour. It's a step in the right direction, but that increase still doesn't meet the living wage rate.
Workers are right to fear some technology, according to Kai-Fu Lee. He says AI threatens their jobs.

7 reasons why your salary might not be going up, even though the economy is doing great

Low unemployment should mean fast wage growth, but we haven't seen that in recent years. Three economists shared their insights with Business Insider as to why pay hasn't gone up much. The leading reason: Companies are prioritizing shareholder interest over their employees.

A ‘classic topping formation’ that has shown up in every stock-market peak over the past 5 decades is rearing its head once again

A potential "double top" is forming in the S&P 500, according to Gluskin Sheff Chief Economist and Strategist David Rosenberg. At the same time, volume and stock-market breadth are declining.
An overall decline in productivity is partially linked to a decline in manufacturing jobs.

Unemployment in the US is historically low, but wage growth is sluggish — and no one seems to know exactly why

Unemployment is at a record low, but wage growth is still sluggish. Low productivity growth is the primary factor, and raising wages for lower-end jobs can accelerate growth.

Jobs report beats as wage growth soars at its fastest pace since the Great Recession

The US jobs report released Friday showed that wages increased in August at their fastest year-on-year pace since the Great Recession. The report also showed that employers added more nonfarm payrolls than had been forecast, while the unemployment rate remained at an 18-year low of 3.9%.

Trump’s trade war with China is still raging — here are the states that could end up getting whacked

President Donald Trump is threatening to escalate his trade war with China by imposing tariffs on another $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. Here's how much each US states' economy relies on trade with China.