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A lot of popular video games have inspired films.

Popular movies inspired by video games, ranked from worst to best

Critics hated a lot of these films, but seemed to actually enjoy "Detective Pikachu" and "Angry Birds 2."

‘Final Fantasy’ is getting a live-action TV show and Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ series will debut later this year. Here are...

The "Resident Evil" franchise has grossed more than $1.2 billion in theaters, paving the way for more video game adaptations in Hollywood.
"Angry Birds" on Magic Leap.

I played ‘Angry Birds’ on Magic Leap and it blew my mind

Gaming studio Rovio teamed up with Resolution Games, a gaming company specialising in AR and VR, to bring 'Angry Birds' to Magic Leap.
Minecraft is the most successful paid app in the history of the App Store.

These are the most successful paid apps in the history of the Apple App Store

These are the most successful paid apps in the 10-year history of the Apple App Store.

The company behind Angry Birds desperately needs the movie to be a hit

The Angry Birds movie grossed $150 million in its first weekend, which will be a nice boost to Rovio's ailing business.

Here’s why the maker of Angry Birds just cut a third of its workforce

Despite a lot of downloads of Angry Birds 2, Rovio's revenue and profits are falling