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Donkeys have to endure heat waves in Santorini.

Santorini tourists are being asked to put themselves ‘in the donkey’s hooves’ before riding one up the island’s 600-step cliff...

The donkeys have traditionally been a popular way for the 17,000 people who arrive off cruise ships into Fira port each day to get up the cliffside.

A dolphin now lives alone in an abandoned Japanese aquarium and people are outraged

Dust-covered penguins were also seen perched on a crumbling structure near a pile of debris.
Footage shows chickens being mistreated at a farm in Virginia that reportedly supplies Tyson Foods.

Undercover footage shows chickens being kicked and impaled at a farm that reportedly supplies Tyson Foods

An animal rights nonprofit released a horrific video of what it calls animal abuse at a Tyson Foods supplier.

Instagram has launched alerts to warn users of the cruelty and exploitation behind ‘cute’ animal photos and selfies

Cuddling sloths, swimming with dolphins, and elephant rides are all popular vacation activities — but all involve underlying cruelty, according to Instagram.

Welcome to the special hospital where pets are treated better than most human patients

This is what the state of the art in veterinary care looks like.

A cash-strapped Spanish town found a clever way to replace its expensive running of the bulls

Money woes forced Mataelpino to give up its encierro, but the event the town replaced it with has gotten attention around the world.