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Anthony Scaramucci made a surprise appearance at a Joe Biden campaign stop following his Twitter feud with Trump

Scaramucci was spotted at a Saturday Biden campaign stop in the Hamptons, during which he told a reporter he was still a registered Republican.
New White House Communications Director Scaramucci addresses daily briefing at the White House in Washington

Trump tweets a video compilation of Anthony Scaramucci pledging his loyalty set to kazoo music as their Twitter beef escalates

President Donald Trump and his short-lived former White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, escalated their grudge match on Tuesday.
Former White House communications chief Anthony Scaramucci claims he is assembling a team to sound out the possibility of replacing Trump on the GOP presidential ticket for 2020

Anthony Scaramucci claims former Cabinet officials are ready to label Trump as ‘unstable’ as the pair’s war of words intensifies

Former White Communication Director Scaramucci has been involved in an escalating exchange of attacks with the president in recent weeks.
Anthony Scaramucci.

‘Trump isn’t racist. He’s worse:’ Anthony Scaramucci rips into Trump as their feud escalates

The former White House Communications Director escalated his feud with Trump, calling him a "jackass," "narcissistic," and "crazy" in new interview.
Anthony Scaramucci is currently engaged in a Twitter feud with his old boss, President Donald Trump.

Anthony Scaramucci blasted Trump as a ‘very weak troll’ and a ‘bully’ as their Twitter feud escalates

"Bullying is the most anti-American thing in our culture and it is emanating from the Oval Office," the one-time White House adviser said of Trump.

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci compared Trump to a melting nuclear reactor and said he might need to be replaced in 202...

"We are now in the early episodes of 'Chernobyl' on HBO, where the reactor is melting down and the apparatchiks are trying to figure out whether to cover it up or start the clean-up process."

After Trump bashes Scaramucci as ‘totally incapable’ on Twitter, the former White House communications director said the president ‘...

After Anthony Scaramucci criticized the president's divisiveness on TV, Trump hit back on Twitter, and the Mooch responded with a White House meme.
Anthony Scaramucci on "This Week."

‘This isn’t our best. It’s not who we are’: Anthony Scaramucci defends CNN newsman Jim Acosta after Trump supporters heckled h...

Anthony Scaramucci, one of President Donald Trump's most vocal supports and the one-time White House communications director, went to bat for CNN correspondent Jim Acosta on Tuesday after attendees at a Trump rally in Florida heckled Acosta while he was reporting.

GOP candidates are hitting the trail with an all-star cast of former Trump aides as his grip on the party is more intense than ever

After being fired or leaving on their own accord, former officials and aides in the Donald Trump administration are finding a new life as key figures on the campaign trail for candidates who need to run on one of the most important pillars of the Republican Party: loyalty to Donald J. Trump.
Michael Avenatti and Anthony Scaramucci attend The Hollywood Reporter's Most Powerful People In Media 2018 at The Pool on April 12, 2018 in New York City.

Buzz is beginning on a debate-style show featuring Anthony Scaramucci and Michael Avenatti

A potential television show featuring Michale Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, and former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is generating buzz