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A sign on the Qualcomm campus is seen, as chip maker Broadcom Ltd announced an unsolicited bid to buy peer Qualcomm Inc for $103 billion, in San Diego

Qualcomm jumps after the Trump administration backs the chipmaker in crucial court appeal

The effort puts the Trump Administration at odds with the Federal Trade Commission, which filed the lawsuit against Qualcomm.
You can buy more iPhone storage simply by going into your iCloud settings menu.

A Congressman just asked Apple about those iCloud storage alerts that keep popping up on your iPhone, and Apple didn’t seem sure how to respond

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) asked an Apple executive about why he keeps getting alerts asking him to pay $0.99 for iCloud storage.
The European Union's competition chief, Margrethe Vestager.

Amazon is facing a ‘full-blown’ antitrust investigation from the woman who has fined Google and Apple billions

According to a new Bloomberg report, a formal investigation into Amazon is imminent in the European Union.
Amazon, Facebook, Google and more are under mounting pressure to defend themselves as the case for breaking up big tech companies gains momentum.

Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple are testifying today about antitrust concerns as the battle cry to break up ‘big tech’ gets louder tha...

On Tuesday, executives from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple will testify before a House Judiciary subcommittee about antitrust concerns.

Walmart and giant US retailers turn up heat on Amazon and Google by calling for blockbuster antitrust investigation

The Retail Industry Leaders Association said antitrust laws should be adapted to accommodate big tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Bill Gates reveals why Warren Buffett was an invaluable source of support during the stormiest period of his career

In a recent interview, Gates credited fellow billionaire Warren Buffett as one of the people who has been the most instrumental to his success.

‘Not all FAANGS will survive this battle’: A Wall Street firm handicapped the impact of Big Tech regulation — and it’s bad new...

Facebook is now under the jurisdiction of the FTC, which could be bad news for the social media company, relative to Apple and Alphabet.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says he was taken aback by the timing of a potentially seismic antitrust investigation

Sundar Pichai said regulatory scrutiny is 'perfectly fine' and Google will 'participate constructively in these discussions.'

Genius says it caught Google red handed copying its lyrics and robbing them of valuable search traffic

Genius first got suspicious Google was copying them with hit song "Panda" by Desiigner. The company says it found more than 100 instances since.

The coming antitrust fights are an existential battle over how to protect capitalism

The antitrust fights hitting Washington and Silicon Valley aren't just about companies getting too big, they're about how to save American capitalism.