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Wood ants on the earth mound in the bunker, September 18, 2016.

Photos show how ants escaped a Soviet nuclear-weapons bunker after surviving on cannibalism for years

The ants' food source remained a mystery until researchers examined some of the 2 million ant corpses piled up around the bunker.
Laquana Ross said in an interview with CNN affiliate WSB that she's not mad at the VA but wants to see change.

The VA has put 9 people on leave while it investigates how a Vietnam vet was found covered in ants at a VA facility twice in his last 2 days

Joel Marrable died at the age of 73 at the Eagles' Nest Community Living Center in the Atlanta VA Medical Center. Now the agency is investigating.

An annual nuisance in England became a big problem for players at Wimbledon — flying ants

An annual English nuisance became a problem at Wimbledon — flying ants

London has been invaded by swarms of flying ants — here’s why

"Anyone else have flying ants emerging today? Making me feel very itchy!"