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American Airlines Boeing 737 Max jets.

The head of a major pilots’ union will criticize Boeing’s training in front of Congress, calling it the company’s ‘final fatal...

Allied Pilots Association President Daniel Carey, who represents American Airlines pilots, will testify Wednesday to the House about the 737 Max.

Amazon threatens to cut its business with a cargo airline that delivers its packages if it can’t reach a deal with frustrated pilots

Pilots are sounding the alarm that short staffing and inexperienced pilots could lead to another deadly crash, like the one that happened in February.

Amazon Air pilots are picketing the company’s annual shareholder meeting as they fight for better pay

Low pay and benefits compared to competitors has pilots for Atlas and other carriers who deliver Amazon packages worried about safety.

Kenneth Cole’s latest ‘mission-driven’ ad about guns has some people enraged

Kenneth Cole should stick to fashion statements, not political ones.