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"This is the End" is a comedic take on the genre.

19 apocalypse movies, ranked from worst to best

Whatever the reason may be, the apocalypse storyline is incredibly popular in films. Here are 19 films about an apocalypse, ranked from worst to best.
Some foods can last years if stored correctly and properly sealed.

14 foods to keep in your bunker to survive the apocalypse

If properly sealed and stored correctly, some food can last for years or decades. Here are 14 foods that will last anywhere from a year to forever.
What it's like inside a doomsday bunker for millionaires.

This 15-story underground doomsday shelter for the 1% has luxury homes, guns, and armored trucks

Someday, the 1% may live out Armageddon in style at the Survival Condo Project.
A screenshot from a video published by Trident Lakes shows the location of a proposed spa.

A doomsday shelter for the 1% is being investigated by the FBI as a possible front for a Colombian money laundering scheme

Trident Lakes, a doomsday getaway for the rich, is reportedly being investigated by the FBI as a possible front for a Colombian drug trafficking scheme. The buzzy Texas condo development promised hundreds of fortified, underground condos where the 1% could live out the apocalypse.
Costco's food kits range from $1,000 to $6,000 and include a mix of grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and dairy.

Costco is selling $6,000 doomsday-prepper food kits that can feed a family of 4 for a year

Costco's kits contain freeze-dried broccoli, green beans, corn, dehydrated apples, and other grains and proteins that have a shelf life of up to 30 years.
An illustration of a nuclear bomb exploding in a city.

A company that builds underground bunkers to withstand nuclear war has made millions during Trump’s presidency — take a look

Rising S Company makes affordable underground bunkers that can withstand natural disasters and apocalyptic events.

There’s a compelling reason scientists think we’ve never found aliens, and it suggests humans are already going extinct

The Fermi paradox asks why we haven't found aliens yet. Could a "Great Filter" like climate change kill intelligent life before it reaches other planets?

NASA has a plan to save Earth from deadly asteroids — and they’re getting ready to test it out

They are targeting an asteroid in order to change its course.

Map reveals where billionaires are stockpiling land that could be used in the apocalypse

MAP: American billionaires are making significant land grabs in the heartland.