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Ugg has some new trendy styles.

Ugg boots are mounting a comeback as ugly fashion continues to dominate

For better or for worse, the evidence is mounting that Ugg boots are coming back into fashion after a seven-year hiatus.
Be prepared for tie-dye.

Experts say this is what everyone will be wearing in 2019

From Ugg boots to tie-dye pants, these are the biggest trends for women's fashion in 2019.
Mickey Drexler.

Mickey Drexler is severing his last ties with J.Crew at one of the most difficult times in its history

J.Crew's longtime former CEO and current chairman, Mickey Drexler, is leaving the company after 15 years.
Streetwear brand Supreme is very popular with young people.

Nike, Lululemon, and Gap want to cash in on a major trend of men caring more about their appearance

Menswear is having its moment in the spotlight as Nike, Lululemon, and Gap increase their offerings for men.
Gap is closing one of its main New York stores.

‘The question is … what’s NOT on sale?’: Gap’s email to customers reveals it has no plans to scale back on one of its bi...

Discounts have become a mainstay at Gap, and it's increasingly becoming unusual to pay full price for anything there.
Lulus raised $120 million in venture funding in 2018 and plans to grow the company's international presence.

These 10 fashion and beauty brands are poised to have a huge 2019

From Goop to Glossier and Outdoor Voices, these will be some of the most exciting brands to watch in 2019.
People line up to enter a Canada Goose flagship store at Sanlitun on December 30, 2018 in Beijing, China. Canada Goose opened its first flagship store in Beijing on Sunday.

Canada Goose is surging after opening its first store in China

Canada Goose shares jumped Monday after the winter-clothing manufacturer opened its first China store in downtown Beijing.

These up-and-coming underwear labels are threatening to dethrone Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret was once the king of women's lingerie in the US, but it's increasingly losing market share to newer brands.
Kristin Bachman started selling her own clothing on Poshmark in 2013.

How to make thousands of dollars selling your clothes and unwanted holiday gifts, according to the top users of a popular app

Poshmark is an online-only marketplace that allows people to buy and sell clothing from their own closets or boutiques.
Apparel spending in the US is strong.

Americans are shopping for clothes again, and it’s good news for the economy

Apparel sales grew by 7.9% between November 1 and December 24, the best growth rate since 2010.