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H&M was cluttered, but it had more savings opportunities and offered a much greater variety of styles than Zara.

We visited H&M and Zara to see which was a better fast-fashion store, and the winner was clear for a key reason

H&M and Zara are competing to be the best in fast fashion. We visited both stores and found that one store had a lot more to offer than the other.
Outdoor Voices makes clothes meant for sweating in.

‘They are building f—— rockets. That is insane’: Outdoor Voices CEO looks to Elon Musk for inspiration in her quest to build t...

Outdoor Voices founder and CEO Tyler Haney says that Elon Musk has been a key mentor as she builds her athletic wear business. They met through a mutual friend at SXSW.
This women's leather jacket from Nyden costs $550.

H&M is taking notes from Kanye West’s Yeezy brand

Nyden, H&M's new millennial-focused brand, rolled out its first collection of men's and women's clothing this month. Called /Nyden drop 1, it features studded leather jackets that cost as much as $2,000.
"It's basically pornography," shopper Jessie Shealy wrote on Victoria's Secret's Facebook page, referring to the ads on display in her local store in South Carolina.

These photos reveal why women are abandoning Victoria’s Secret for American Eagle’s Aerie underwear brand

Victoria's Secret goes for racy images in its ads, while its rival, Aerie, focuses on female empowerment. Aerie's approach seems to be resonating well with female customers. We visited both and saw the differences firsthand.
Everything sold at The Phluid Project is gender-neutral.

A former Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret exec just opened a ‘gender-free’ store — take a look inside

A former Macy's and Victoria's Secret exec just opened a "gender-free" store, where there are no gendered clothing items, beauty products, or accessories. The store also has a café and community meeting space. Here's what it's like to shop there.
Handbags on display at Gucci's boutique in Downtown Manhattan.

Gucci has become hugely popular with teens and millennials — we visited a store and saw why they love it despite the high price tags

Young shoppers are obsessed with Gucci, ranking it in their top 10 favorite apparel brands. We went to a Gucci store to see why it is so popular with teens and millennials.
Victoria's Secret has been criticized for its racy ad campaigns.

These up-and-coming lingerie brands should terrify Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret was once the king of women's lingerie in the US, but it's increasingly losing market share to newer brands. We've compiled a list of up-and-coming lingerie brands.
Gap is known for its frequent sales.

Gap is doubling down on one of retail’s deadliest mistakes

Gap Inc. reported disappointing 2018 first-quarter earnings for its namesake brand on Thursday. Same-store sales were down 4%, and heavy discounting weighed on profit margins.
PINK is offering big discounts on core products.

We visited Victoria’s Secret and saw how its most popular brand is on a slippery slope of discounting

Victoria's Secret's sister brand, Pink, has stepped up promotions on core products, and analysts are worried that the strategy is eating into margins. We visited the store and saw just how common discounts are there.
Lulus has a strategy for staying on top of clothing trends.

Founder of Instagram-famous fashion company that just raised $120 million explains its secret weapon

Lulus is an Instagram-famous brand that was founded by a mother-daughter duo and that recently received $120 million in venture funding. Cofounder and CEO Colleen Winter recently explained the secrets behind its success in an interview with Business Insider.