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The largest iPhone maker in China has reopened, and it’s taking extreme lengths to stop the spread of coronavirus, like barring workers from fac...

Foxconn's cautious return to full production shows the challenges that companies across the globe will face in the wake of coronavirus.
Foxconn is Apple's biggest manufacturing partner.

The world’s biggest iPhone maker plans to start making ventilators

The CEO of the medical tech firm Medtronic says the company is partnering with Foxconn to build ventilators at Foxconn's factory in Wisconsin.
It's easy to update any of your apps in iOS 13.

How to update iPhone apps on iOS 13 manually, or set them to update automatically when new versions are released

To update apps on iOS 13, head to your "Account" menu in the App Store, which has a list of all available updates.
Apple is developing a face shield to protect health workers from COVID-19

Apple just revealed more details about the new face shields it’s making to protect medical workers amid the COVID-19 crisis

Apple has posted a support page with details about the face shields its creating to support healthcare workers helping with the COVID-19 crisis.
Lady Gaga on Facetime with Apple CEO Tim Cook while appearing on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

Apple CEO Tim Cook joined Lady Gaga on ‘The Tonight Show’ to announce a $10 million donation for fighting coronavirus

Lady Gaga facetimed Apple CEO Tim Cook and got him to pledge $10 million from Apple to fighting coronavirus.
You can zoom out on your Apple TV using your remote.

How to zoom in or out on Apple TV to resize images and text

You can zoom out on your Apple TV and resize text or images, similar to how you would on a computer.
Select “General.”

How to rename your Apple TV device in a few simple steps

To rename your Apple TV for features like AirPlay, head to your general settings on your Apple TV device.

Apple is reportedly in the process of snapping up NextVR, its third acquisition in the past week

The smartphone giant also snapped up weather app DarkSky and AI startup Voysis just within the past week.

Apple just celebrated its 44th birthday. Here’s how it came to rule the world, from its early struggles to beat Microsoft to the launch of the i...

Today, Apple is worth about $1 trillion, but it almost didn't make it this far — it struggled in the '90s until Steve Jobs returned as CEO.

The best Apple deals — save nearly $150 on Beats Studio 3 wireless noise cancelling headphones

Apple deals are surprisingly plentiful, but some aren't so great, so we only list those we think you'll like. Here are the best Apple deals right now.