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Apple's new iPhone XS will carry the torch for the $1,000 flagship smartphone.

In 2018, it makes way more sense to buy a $1,000 Apple iPhone than a $1,000 Apple laptop

Apple is charging $1,000 for an iPhone XS — a price that makes perfect sense, given the value you get from it and how much you'll use it. Increasingly, that equation doesn't work out favorably for $1,000 Apple laptops, like its flagship MacBook.

I’ve been an iPhone user for 10 years — here’s what happened when I switched to the Google Pixel 2 for a week

After 10 years of using nothing but iPhones, an "Apple addict" makes the switch to Google's Pixel 2 phone, one of the best Android phones available.

With the iPhone X, Apple made some big changes to who gets review units first, and not everyone is taking it very well

Video bloggers got review units of Apple's new iPhone X before some longtime tech reviewers, and the change was not welcome by all.
Brooke Amelia Peterson shows off an iPhone X in a YouTube video posted last week.

Apple fired an iPhone X engineer after his daughter’s hands-on video went viral

After a YouTube vlogger posted a video showing off her dad's iPhone X, Apple responded by firing the engineer.
Hugo Barra, left, and Mark Zuckerberg in augmented reality.

Everyone is focused on the wrong area of tech right now

Augmented reality is one of the hottest areas of technology, but it's only the surface component to a bigger, more important trend.

Snap spiked after Apple demoed its new face tracking live on stage

Snap's stock price got a bump from one of the biggest tech events of the year after Apple demoed its technology live on stage.