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Apple News jitters, Instagram goes shopping, and chatbots rise again

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Here’s how much the brand new iPad Air and iPad mini cost in Singapore – and how to get your hands on them

Next week onwards, the new iPad models will be made available in Singapore. But you can order them now.
Apple is widely expected to unveil its long-rumored video service and a news subscription platform at its event in March.

Apple is holding a big event a week from now — here’s everything it’s expected to announce

Apple has scheduled an event on its campus on March 25, and new video streaming and news services are expected to headline the keynote.

Apple just sent invites to a March 25 event, where it’s expected to unveil its video-streaming service

Apple is holding an event on March 25, and it's expected to unveil a video service and a subscription news service.

Apple’s rumored subscription news service will reportedly be announced at a March 25 event

Apple is said to be planning a press event for March 25 to unveil a new subscription news service.

Apple is reportedly facing resistance from publishers over its plans to keep 50% of the revenue from its rumored subscription news service

The forthcoming service would reportedly let subscribers read an unlimited amount of news from participating publishers.

Here are all the major changes coming to iPhones and iPads with iOS 12

Apple's iOS 12 will finally arrive on Monday, September 17. Here are all the major changes, updates, and new features coming to iPhones and iPads.

We compared Google News and Apple’s built-in News app for the iPhone to see which one is better — and there’s a clear winner

I switched between the Google News app and Apple's News app on the iPhone to see which one is better. While both apps have their strengths — like customization, an easy-to-use interface, and push notifications — there's a clear winner.

Apple just launched a ‘fact-based’ election feature in Apple News with coverage from Fox News and The Washington Post

"When the loudest, most extreme voices dominate the conversation, we can't hear each other," Apple News' editor-in-chief, Lauren Kern, wrote in an introductory note. "At Apple News, we want to help fix that."

Apple is reportedly readying a monthly subscription service for news

The Apple News subscription could look a lot like Apple's streaming-music service, Apple Music.