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Apple will make it look like there’s an issue with your iPhone’s battery if you try to replace it yourself, report says

If an iPhone battery replacement is done outside of an Apple authorized repair center, you'll see a message indicating the battery must be serviced.
Apple doesn't really do sales, but there are still plenty of ways to save money on its products.

The 9 best ways to save money on Apple products

There are lots of ways to shave a bit off the top of your Apple purchase price, or at least get an extra thrown in.

How to succeed at work, according to Angela Ahrendts, who was one of Apple’s highest-paid executives

Apple's former retail boss, Angela Ahrendts, shared her advice for being successful at work — especially if you're new to the job.
The Apple Store at the International Finance Centre in Hong Kong.

Apple closed its stores early in Hong Kong after violent protests erupted in the city

Apple closed its retail stores in Hong Kong early following violent protests that took place on Sunday evening.

A small number of Apple’s newest MacBook Air laptops reportedly have a flaw that might cause power issues

Apple has reportedly found an issue with the logic board in its 2018 MacBook Air that might cause power issues. It will fix affected units for free.

Apple’s second Singapore store to open at Jewel Changi Airport on July 13

An exclusive photo walk will be developed for the Jewel store.

10 surprising things you can buy at the Apple Store

From smart toothbrushes to jump ropes, the Apple Store has a lot more to offer than just Apple gadgets and accessories like phone cases and chargers.

Here’s the best and easiest way to switch from an Android device to an iPhone

It's possible to quickly switch from an Android device to an iPhone. All it takes is a few free apps and some patience.
Apple Jungfernstieg, located in Hamburg, Germany

The 50 most beautiful Apple stores outside the United States

Apple has more than 500 stores around the globe, including some real stunners outside the United States.
Apple CEO Tim Cook opening the doors of an Apple Store.

I went to an Apple store for a repair and was shocked by how disorganized its shopping experience has become

Shopping in an Apple store used to be a novel experience, but now it is a disorganized mess.