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You can zoom out on your Apple TV using your remote.

How to zoom in or out on Apple TV to resize images and text

You can zoom out on your Apple TV and resize text or images, similar to how you would on a computer.
Select “General.”

How to rename your Apple TV device in a few simple steps

To rename your Apple TV for features like AirPlay, head to your general settings on your Apple TV device.
There are several different ways to reset your Apple TV remote.

How to reset any Apple TV remote in 3 different ways, and fix it if it won’t respond

You can reset your Apple TV remote in a few different ways, but you should first try restarting the Apple TV itself.
Sign up for Apple TV+.

How to sign up for Apple TV+ and stream original content on your computer or mobile device

To get Apple TV+, simply sign up for an account and start streaming content on your mobile device or computer.

How to watch movies available to rent much earlier than expected as theaters shut down due to coronavirus

As movie theaters have closed due to coronavirus, studios have offered an alternative way to view the newest releases with video on demand.

The best media streaming sticks and devices

Turn your dumb TV into a smart one with the best streaming sticks and devices you can buy from Roku, Apple, Google, NVIDIA, and Amazon.
Press the Menu and Right buttons.

How to pair your Apple TV remote to your Apple TV device

To pair your Apple TV remote with your Apple TV, you'll have to hit a combination of buttons on your remote.

How to watch ‘Westworld’ when season 3 premieres on March 15

HBO's "Westworld" is one of the biggest shows on television. Here's how you can watch the third season when it premieres on March 15.
Select "Apps."

How to update apps on your Apple TV in 2 different ways

You can update apps on your Apple TV automatically in Settings or manually, one by one, in the App Store.
Select "Reset."

How to reset your Apple TV device in 3 different ways

If you reset your Apple TV, it will return your device to its factory settings, erasing your accounts and settings.