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Google's LA office is in an old airplane hangar.

Google restored a World War II-era wooden airplane hangar and turned it into a huge new LA office — take a look inside

Google combined its two Los Angeles offices into a historic airplane hangar last year, and the results are nothing short of stunning.

24 mind-bending photos shortlisted for the Architectural Photography Awards

Incredible pictures of beautiful buildings from around the world are up for some of the biggest prizes in architectural photography.

Qatar Airways CEO claims Singapore copied Doha airport: ‘Without having to go to anybody’s Jewel, you can sustain yourself in the jewel of my co...

"We had individuals from that country, I will not name it, who took that and did it (themselves)," he reportedly said.

30 incredible pictures show the designs for Singapore’s Founders’ Memorial – and you can vote which to build

Singapore's skyline will have a new addition by 2027. Which will it be?
Gwrych Castle is located in North Wales.

The abandoned Gwrych Castle in North Wales is 200 years old and said to be haunted. Take a look inside.

The sprawling castle is said to be haunted by its former owner, Countess Winifred.
This Sausalito home has a "hillavator."

Private ‘hillavators’ are a rare but luxurious amenity for some Bay Area homes — here’s how they work

Wealthy Bay Area towns like Sausalito and Belvedere have some homes with private cable cars for residents to get up hills.
Monaco may look pretty from a distance, but up close it's dense and sort of ugly.

I spent 5 days in a French Riviera city known for its lavish wealth, and I was surprised by how ugly it was

Monaco has a reputation for its lavish wealth, glitz, and old Hollywood glam. But the city is actually kind of ugly.
Catherine McCormack.

A ceiling in Winston Churchill’s ancestral home tells the story of an eccentric duchess

An art historian looked at 40 ceilings around the world, and found that's what above us tells numerous stories.
Muybridge's panorama was probably sold widely in the 19th century, but today it's considered rare.

A vintage panorama of San Francisco in 1877 gives a rare look at the city before it was destroyed by an earthquake. The photos sold for $14,000.

Some San Francisco neighborhoods still look similar today, but many ornate mansions and cobblestone streets are gone.
The Flintstone house is Hillsborough, California.

5 bizarre houses in the Bay Area that have caused controversy and torn neighborhoods apart

Five of the most controversial homes near Silicon Valley, from the Fish House to the Flintstone House.