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Some hotel staff members can help you map out Instagram-worthy locations.

9 things you didn’t know hotel staff could help you with, from planning a wedding proposal to taking Instagram photos

In some places around the globe, concierges do even more than booking restaurant reservations and arranging transportation.
Rosalie, a 10-year-old from France, surrounded by what she eats in a week.

12 photos that show everything kids eat in a week around the world

Gregg Segal photographed children surrounded by everything they eat in a week for his new book "Daily Bread: What Kids Eat Around the World."
Some meatless dishes are filled with chickpeas.

What vegetarian dishes look like in 10 places around the world

From the cheese-laden meals to the lighter fare, there are plenty of meatless dishes out there that are certainly worth trying.

What cookies look like around the world

Different cultures across the world make their own kinds of cookies. We take you around the world to see how different countries make this treat.
Gjenganger essentially translates to "walking dead."

The 15 creepiest urban legends from around the world

From Big Foot to Nessie, these urban legends from around the world will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in South Africa.

How members of the royal family dress to respect local culture while traveling around the world

On royal tours, members of the royal family are often presented with traditional garments or adapt the local style of dress to respect the culture.
Dutch police officers pose with their equipment for the viral Tetris challenge.

Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks around the world are taking aerial photos of their equipment in a viral ‘Tetris challenge’

Emergency services around the world are "knolling" — laying objects flat to take photos from above — with all of the equipment in their vehicles.
Times Square in New York City is not popular with locals.

12 tourist attractions around the world that locals hate

Tourist attractions can be sources of frustration to locals. Here are 12 famous sites that visitors flock to but locals can't stand.
First grade students at at Takinogawa Elementary School in Tokyo, Japan.

What school looks like in 20 countries around the world

Education is a crucial resource for kids around world, despite the differences between cramped classrooms without electricity and private institutions with pressed uniforms.
Cherry blossoms in bloom in Busan, South Korea.

20 underrated cities around the world you should visit in your lifetime

These cities may not be as well-known as their touristy counterparts, but they have just as much to offer (and will probably be less crowded, too).