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"Untitled (Lamp/Bear)" on the campus of Brown University.

The most bizarre things you can find at 10 colleges and universities

Some campuses take their traditions more seriously than others, hosting delightfully bizarre events and displaying puzzling works of art.
The Vessel is open to the public and free to visit.

Hudson Yards is officially now NYC’s most expensive neighborhood. I climbed Vessel, its $200 million, 2,500-step sculpture, and the view from in...

I climbed the 150-foot-tall sculpture in Hudson Yards. It was way cooler from the inside than any exterior photo could show.
Can you find the mouse among the mushrooms?

There’s a mouse hiding among mushrooms in this viral brainteaser. Can you spot it?

Artist Gergely Dudás expertly hides hard-to-find objects in his vibrant illustrations, creating viral brainteasers that stump the internet.
"The Obliteration Room" starts off as an all-white space.

10 mesmerizing pieces of art that change every time you see them

Art installations like Candy Chang's "Confessions" or Yayoi Kusama's "Obliteration Room" transform over time with the help of museum visitors.
The artist reimagined John Smith from "Pocahontas."

An artist turns Disney characters into realistic portraits, and the results are magical

Jirka Väätäinen has re-created some of the most classic Disney characters — like Belle, Cinderella, Ursula, and Elsa — to appear more realistic.
Before and after, featuring a simple palm leaf as a prop.

A photographer uses cheap, everyday items as props in photo shoots, and the final portraits are stunning

Kai Böttcher finds beauty in simple objects, proving anyone with a creative vision can bring it to life.
Elvis was rarely seen smiling, but this photographer captured it on camera.

25 candid photos of icons who shaped pop culture

Photographer Oscar Abolafia captured images of Elvis, Madonna, Robert Redford, Lucille Ball, and many more.
The famous White Claw cake.

A baker creates incredible optical illusion cakes, from a White Claw can to a Doritos bag

Luke Vincentini, the baker behind the optical illusion cakes, told Insider that his inspiration came from staring at a bag of Doritos.

These clothes use outlandish designs to trick facial recognition software into thinking you’re not a human

Privacy-focused designers, academics, and activists have designed wearable accessories and clothes meant to thwart facial recognition tech.
Designs by the top three category winners, from left: Susan Nicholson of Kennesaw, Georgia; Mimoza Haska of Surfside Beach, South Carolina; Donna Vincler of Brentwood, Tennessee.

These 12 exquisite wedding dresses are made from toilet paper

You won't believe these wedding gowns are made from only Quilted Northern toilet paper, tape, glue, and a needle and thread.