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Stocks are on the up.

Asian and European stocks rally to track dramatic late-day rebound in US markets

Asian shares jumped and European stocks soared, capping a tumultuous week of holiday trading in global stock markets. Gold reached a six-month high.

Global markets are plunging as the Fed’s ‘hawkish tone’ steals Christmas

Investors hoped the Federal Reserve would be dovish in its communications but were disappointed by its tone. European stocks hit a 2016 low.

‘The real concern is what comes next’: Markets are mixed as investors shift focus to the last Fed meeting of 2018

The Fed is expected to hike interest rates for a fourth time in 2018, but investors are more focused on any hints about policy going forward.
Xi Jinping made a gloating speech about his country's economy, and markets slumped afterward.

Xi Jinping promised ‘miracles’ in a gloating speech about China’s economy, but the markets slumped

Chinese President Xi failed to mention any specific or concrete plans for his country's economy in a widely-anticipated speech on Tuesday.
The market is having a brutal December

‘Grinch-like’ US stocks are on course for their worst December since the Great Depression

The S&P 500 has dropped about 8% this month, eclipsing the 6% fall in the final month of 2002 and heading for a loss not seen since the '30s.

Asian markets are welcoming China’s concessions on Trump’s trade war

A menu of factors affected stock markets on Thursday, including the thawing US-China trade war, global growth, and the European economy and Brexit.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook leads tech rally as global stocks rebound

Global markets rebounded after China confirmed ongoing trade war talks with the US. But, global trade remains at the forefront of investors attention.