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Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, at the Bloomberg Global Business forum in New York.

BlackRock earnings: Revenue and profits miss Wall Street forecasts because of ‘market headwinds’

BlackRock recorded a 2% drop in revenue and a 7% drop in net income in the second quarter, the firm announced Friday.
Jerry Dodson, who founded Parnassus Investments, opposes a new homeless center in San Francisco.

The founder of a $26.5 billion do-good investment firm just donated to oppose a new homeless center in San Francisco

The founder of a firm whose strategy centers on doing good while making money donated $1,000 to an effort opposing a homeless center in San Francisco.
SoFi CEO Anthony Noto is launching the first long-term no-fee ETF.

The first no-fee ETF just got announced, and it could signal an industry-wide rush

ETF managers have been decreasing fees for years to appeal to investors who have been abandoning higher-cost mutual funds for the more tax-efficient and lower-fee products.
Chris Willcox, head of JPMorgan Asset Management

The first no-fee ETF is coming next year, and it could come from one of these 4 firms

After Fidelity launched popular no-fee mutual funds, free exchange-traded funds are next, says the head of ETFs for CFRA.

MORGAN STANLEY: Big asset managers saw shares take a hit in 2018, and the pain is only beginning

BlackRock is best positioned for long-term growth amid industry headwinds that will pressure the firm's peers, Morgan Stanley says.
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink.

Money managers may see higher bonuses this year, but are bracing for job cuts in 2019

BI PRIME: Asset management compensation should tick up 5% next year, but strong market performance may not be enough to offset industry pressure on firms.
This could costs them millions each year — but could pay off in the long run.

The world’s investing heavyweights are falling in line to make a decision that will cost them millions — and it is terrible news for stock...

The world's largest asset managers are falling in line to make a decision that will cost them millions ahead of the implementation of European market reform.
Mark Walter

Reports are swirling that Guggenheim CEO might resign as he’s forced to deny that he bought a $13 million mansion for a female executive

The CEO of the prominent Wall Street firm Guggenheim Partners denies reports that he purchased a mansion for a young executive. He has the support of the board.