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James Comey.

James Comey says the Justice Department’s findings on Russia is ‘good news no matter what’

"The evidence didn't establish that any Americans conspired as part of that effort," former FBI director James Comey said. "That should be good news."

Kamala Harris once pushed for steeper cash bail costs, saying ‘people come to San Francisco to commit crimes because it’s cheaper to do it...

Harris supported raising cash bail costs when she was San Francisco's district attorney. As a US senator, she wants to reform the system.
Robert Mueller.

Willam Barr confirmed as attorney general

William Barr is reportedly already weighing how much of the special counsel Robert Mueller's report in the Russia investigation he will make public.
William Barr testifies at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on his nomination to be attorney general of the United States on Capitol on January 15, 2019.

The son-in-law of Trump’s attorney-general nominee is reportedly leaving the Justice Department to join president’s White House legal team...

Tyler McGaughey, the husband of William Barr's youngest daughter, is reportedly moving from the Justice Department to join the White House counsel.

Trump’s attorney general pick was just approved by a key committee, setting up a final confirmation vote in the Senate

Barr previously served as attorney general from 1991 to 1993 under President George H.W. Bush and is highly respected in the conservative legal world.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring reveals that he also wore blackface during college, threatening a constitutional crisis

Herring, a Democrat, added that "the shame of that moment has haunted me for decades."

Every moment as it unfolded when attorney general nominee William Barr appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee for high-stakes confirmation hea...

Barr previously served as attorney general under President George H.W. Bush. His views on the Mueller probe faced scrutiny from Democratic senators.
William Barr's young grandson Liam holds a note that he had just written to his grandfather as he sits behind Barr during his testimony before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on his nomination to be attorney general of the United States on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 15, 2019.

A photographer captured the notes William Barr’s grandson wrote during his grandpa’s confirmation hearing

Attorney General-nominee William Barr was accompanied by family members, including his grandson, who scribbled copious notes during the proceeding.

William Barr says he could ‘conceive’ of situations where reporters might be jailed ‘as a last resort’

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar asked Barr, "If you’re confirmed, will the Justice Department jail reporters for doing their jobs?"

Attorney general nominee William Barr helped write the handbook on mass incarceration in the 1990s — but he says he realizes times have changed

Attorney General nominee William Barr has been criticized over the 1992 report, "The Case for More Incarceration."