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Laughing can compensate for a relatively unattractive appearance.

12 science-backed tricks that will make you more attractive and help you make a good first impression

Attractiveness is in the way you carry yourself, the folks you hang out with, and how you talk to people — plus a whole lot more.
Only some of them have to do with your physical appearance.

12 habits that can make you seem instantly less attractive, according to science

We rounded up scientific research on the common traits and behaviors that can turn off potential dates.

10 benefits of being attractive, according to science

There may actually be perks to being seen as beautiful. Here are a few benefits to being conventionally good-looking, according to science.

Very unattractive people earn significantly more money, according to a new study

There was a positive association between attractiveness and earnings, except for the really ugly people.
It's a lot about your personality.

The 8 most attractive qualities people look for in a partner

We asked relationship experts to tell us about the most appealing personality traits in a date or potential partner.
It could be a problem.

The world is moving toward a universal, troubling ideal for what makes women attractive

Scientists are finding that Western beauty ideals — specifically, thin women — are spreading to cultures across the globe.

Barbara Corcoran says having brains without beauty isn’t enough to get ahead

Real-estate mogul and "Shark Tank" investor Barbara Corcoran says business people should play up anything that makes them unique.
Learn the tricks of the trade.

9 ways to seem more attractive to everyone you meet

We rounded up science-backed strategies to make yourself more appealing — and only some have to do with your physical appearance.

Men who eat a certain diet may be more attractive to women — but it has nothing to do with how they look

Women in a study preferred men with diets high in fruits and vegetables over those who stuck to refined carbs like bread and pasta. It came down to one factor.

9 science-backed ways to appear more attractive

Learn what really drives attractiveness, according to the latest psychological research.