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DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Amazon is selling exclusive over-the-counter drugs — DeepMind, VA partner for patient health — Optra Health launc...

Amazon's foray into over-the-counter health products will increase competition and lower the prices in the retail pharmacy space.

‘Everything is in jeopardy’: Mothers whose children could lose coverage under the GOP healthcare plan speak out

On Thursday, the Senate released an updated version of the bill. While there are some revisions to how the bill tackles Medicaid, the cuts are still in place.

John Oliver says the anti-vaccine hysteria won’t keep him from vaccinating his infant son ‘fully and on-schedule’

At the end of "Last Week Tonight," Oliver announced he will vaccinate his 19-month-old son "fully and on schedule."

Trump says autism is on the rise, but experts who study autism disagree

Trump said there's been a "tremendous amount of increase" in autism. This isn't true, but is a common claim of the anti-vaccine movement.

A visual effects studio in California is giving artists with autism a chance to work on Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters

A combination vocational school and animation studio in California is giving artists with autism a chance to break into one of America's toughest industries.

Rickie Fowler hit a hole-in-one, winning $1 million for charity

Rickie Fowler called it one of the coolest moments of his life.

Chinese scientists created genetically modified monkeys, and it could reveal some fascinating insights about autism

Monkeys are a good model for human psychiatric disorders because their brains are so similar to ours.

Anti-vaxxers just were handed their biggest platform ever

Donald Trump revived the debate over whether vaccines cause autism.