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The Travelin Pattersons have been to over 40 Trader Joe's stores across the US in four months.

A family of Trader Joe’s superfans has visited over 40 stores in 4 months on an epic road trip across the US

The Travelin Pattersons have been to over 40 Trader Joe's stores in 34 states. Trader Joe's employees have gone above and beyond to welcome them.
High school graduation.

New York high school students held a ‘silent graduation’ to help a classmate with autism

The graduating class at Carmel High School stood together in silence so their fellow classmate, who's hypersensitive to sound, felt comfortable.
An 11-year-old boy with autism was given the "most annoying" student award at a school luncheon.

An Indiana teacher gave a boy with autism the ‘most annoying’ student award

The father of an 11-year-old boy with autism is speaking out after his son was given an award calling him the "most annoying" student.
Autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire works on a hand drawn panorama of the skyline of New York.

12 autism facts that show how our understanding of the disorder has transformed over the past 76 years

Autism is a broad term for a range of developmental disorders. Some are mild, while others can be debilitating, making communication near impossible.
Officer Khari Manzini put his POAC Autism Services training to good use.

A boy with autism called 911 when he couldn’t find his teddy bear and the police officer’s response was heartwarming

When a 12-year-old boy with autism called 911, the responding police officer was perfectly qualified to handle the teddy bear emergency.
Amy Schumer was pregnant during filming of her new Netflix comedy special, "Growing."

Amy Schumer’s husband is on the autism spectrum, and she listed all the ways it made her ‘fall madly in love with him’

Amy Schumer's new Netflix special "Growing" is all about her pregnancy and marriage. "He keeps it so real," Schumer says of her husband Chris Fischer.
A video shows the teacher dragging the 9-year-old boy.

A teacher was reportedly fired after a video showed her dragging a boy with autism down the hall

Video footage shows a teacher in Kentucky dragging a 9-year-old boy by the wrists during the school day in October.

A Texas Special Olympics coach allegedly gave a black football player with autism a Confederate flag hat

Austen Mornes, of Lewisville, Texas, was allegedly told to put the hat on and show it to his mother.
Adam and Heather Halkuff

A Texas family says they were prevented from boarding an American Airlines flight after their son with autism had a meltdown while boarding

A Texas family said they were kept off an American Airlines flight because one of their sons who has autism had a meltdown while boarding. Adam and Heather Halkuff — and their five sons under the age of 16 — were flying from Dallas to Kansas City, Missouri, when they say they were removed from the flight.
A search team looks for Maddox Scott Ritch in Rankin Lake Park in Gastonia, North Carolina. He went missing there on Saturday.

Police are desperately searching for a 6-year-old autistic boy who vanished on a trip to the park with his dad

Six-year-old Maddox Scott Ritch has been missing from Gastonia, North Carolina since Saturday. The autistic boy, who is nonverbal, was last seen at Rankin Lake Park. He ran ahead of his father and an unidentified second adult and has not been seen since.