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The Tesla Model Y.

Tesla needs to hire someone to build the Model 3 so it can focus on the Model Y

Sending Tesla Model 3 production to Europe and hiring a contractor could solve Tesla's logistics problems and free up US capacity for Model Y.

Tesla just entered uncharted territory

Tesla isn't as big as it looks — but it's starting to experience the real car-company economics of vehicle production.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Despite a bad quarter, Tesla is single-handedly growing the sluggish electric-car market

Tesla's growth, especially in the US, has been spectacular given that there's been almost no change to automaker market share for a decade.

Millennials should do this if they want to get a great deal on a car

It's better to buy a high-quality certified pre-owned vehicle, pay it off on whatever schedule works for your budget, and keep it for 20 years.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla is proof that the next 20 years in the tech industry won’t be like the last 20

The first few decades of technology innovation have been characterized by rapid growth and quick profits.

Trying to persuade Americans to stop buying cars won’t save Lyft from being wildly unprofitable

Americans in rural and suburban areas will never stop owning cars, so Lyft has no path to profits via this route.
Ford CFO Bob Shanks.

Ford names Amazon and Snap veteran Tim Stone as new CFO, continuing the company’s push closer to Silicon Valley

Tim Stone's hiring continues CEO Jim Hackett's drive to push Ford closer to Silicon Valley. Stone had worked at Amazon and Snap.

Trump’s accusations about socialism should be taken seriously — because when it comes to business, he’s a socialist

By imposing his political will on industrial companies, Trump is taking a page from the well-worn playbook of 20th-century socialism.
The new Ford Explorer.

The new Ford Explorer can be equipped with tires that can repair themselves

The tires can handle nail-and-screw-type punctures by using an embedded rubber compound to patch holes on the fly.