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It's really not that hard.

How to finance a car and get yourself on the road

If you want a great deal, it's important to know how to finance a car before walking into the dealership.

The 7 most expensive things you’ll ever pay for, according to financial planners

Houses are the biggest expense, but CFPs mentioned things like health insurance, taxes, and even furniture as the most costly things Americans buy.

Millennials should do this if they want to get a great deal on a car

It's better to buy a high-quality certified pre-owned vehicle, pay it off on whatever schedule works for your budget, and keep it for 20 years.

Goldman Sachs flagged 5 ‘pockets of risk’ that could spark a recession

Goldman Sachs flagged bonds, leveraged loans, auto loans, student loans and commercial real estate as 'pockets of risk' for the US economy.

Everyone is suddenly worried out about the soaring number of Americans who are falling behind on their auto loans — but the freak-out makes no s...

The number of Americans who are more than 90 days late on their auto loan payments hit 7 million, but that's no reason to worry about the US economy.

Cars are driving us into recession

In the US, 7 million Americans have gone into "serious delinquency" on their car loans. And in Europe, many people have simply stopped buying cars.

A record 7 million Americans have stopped paying their car loans, and even economists are surprised

Fed economists said the rise in the number of delinquent borrowers is "surprising" considering a strong labor market and economy.

Private-equity firms and hedge funds are getting clobbered by subprime auto loans

The investment firms now find themselves stuck with the downward cycle of losses and unable to make an easy escape.

People have stopped paying their car loans, and it’s a risk to a $200 billion market

In a Tuesday post, researchers led by Andrew Haughwout highlighted a rising rate of delinquencies in subprime auto loans originated by auto finance companies.