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The Trump administration threatened 25% tariffs on European cars if Britain, Germany, and France didn’t play ball on Iran

Trump previously used the threat of tariffs on European cars to extract additional investment into the US from its automakers.
TSLA shares

Tesla surges after China says it will exempt several of the company’s models from its purchase tax

China's Ministry of Industry and Information said Tesla's Model X, Model S, and Model 3 would be exempt from an auto purchase tax.
President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The US and Japan are holding trade talks, and a deal could settle shaky markets

Americans want to export more beef and pork to Japan, while the Japanese want to avoid upcoming automobile tariffs.
Herbert Diess, Volkswagen CEO

Volkswagen CEO warns Trump’s trade war is crushing demand for autos — and it’s making the first quarter ‘difficult’

"This is a big concern for us, so the first quarter for sure will be a difficult quarter for Volkswagen," CEO Herbert Diess said at Davos.

Trump’s trade war could cost every middle-class American family $453 and could eliminate 292,000 US jobs

President Donald Trump's tariffs will produce a drag on the economy, a loss of American jobs, and lower household incomes accoridng to a new report.

China is reportedly close to cutting its tariffs on US cars, a big trade-war concession to Trump

The Chinese cabinet will consider reducing tariffs on US cars to 15% from 40%, a move that would give President Donald Trump a big trade-war win.