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Here’s what really happens to your car when you use an automated parking garage

Automotion Parking Systems builds custom automated parking garages. The systems are designed to be modular and customizable where platforms move cars between different levels and spaces efficiently. Here's more on how they work.
Café X's robot barista can make 120 drinks an hour.

A $25,000 robot barista serves 120 cups of coffee an hour — and it is part of a growing ‘robot revolution’ that could kill millions ...

Trendy coffee roasters including Intelligentsia, Ritual, and Equator have partnered with Cafe X Technologies to create a $25,000 robot barista. The robot, which operates as the sole barista in a San Francisco café, can make any drink you would expect at a standard trendy coffee shop.
Vayyar's sensor technology can detect the positions of people and objects.

This company is creating a product with ‘Superman vision’ that can ‘see’ through solid objects

Vayyar is an Israel-based company that's developed a sensor that can "see" through solid objects using radio frequencies.
Costco uses a machine to apply sauce to its pizzas.

Costco’s mesmerizing, pizza-making robot is an ominous sign for American retail jobs

Costco's pizza relies on a robot to get the perfect amount of sauce each time.
Like Rosie from "The Jetsons," perhaps?

Amazon’s got a ‘top secret’ plan to put robots in your home by 2019, according to a new report

Amazon's next big move is putting autonomous robots in your home, according to a Bloomberg report.
A workers' rights protest march in London. October 2014.

WORLD BANK: Workers should ditch minimum wage to compete with robot labor

The World Bank said employers should be able to opt out of paying minimum wage.
Dilbert (R) with his co-worker Wally (L) in the eponymous cartoon.

Office automation is about to lead to a ‘massacre of the Dilberts’

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney's comments come in the same week that EY warned 330,000 jobs in London alone are at risk of automation.

Automation could kill off around 330,000 jobs in London

London could lose around one third of its low to mid-skill level jobs to automation over the next 20 years.

We ordered from McDonald’s kiosks to see if they’re better than real cashiers — and the winner is clear

Kiosks have increased accuracy and efficiency for fast-food chains. But are kiosks better for customers to use?