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A Waymo Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid self-driving vehicle is parked and displayed during a demonstration in Chandler, Arizona

Waymo’s self-driving car workers reportedly complain about finding leftover needles in the vehicles and a cut to their benefits

Drivers of Waymo self-driving cars in Phoenix have reportedly seen their benefits cut since being classified as "vendors" instead of "contractors."

5 failed tech predictions for the 2010s that didn’t work out

Futurists and scientists had high hopes for the 2010s, but some areas, like augmented reality, haven't quite lived up to the hype.

Renderings reveal how failed flying car designs from the past may have looked if they were made today

A company commissioned artistic renderings of flying car patents from the past 100 years, and they show how people's ideas about design have changed.
Toyota plans on deploying around 200 Accessible People Movers, or APMs, specifically for Tokyo 2020.

Toyota reveals the bizarre autonomous and electric vehicles that will whisk athletes and visitors around for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Toyota revealed its lineup of electric vehicles that will be used in the 2020 Olympics as it aims to have the lowest emissions of any official fleet.
Tesla quietly killed off its full self-driving feature as an add-on option because it "was causing too much confusion."

Tesla quietly stopped selling its full self-driving feature as an option in new cars because it was causing ‘too much confusion’

Tesla stopped selling its full self-driving feature as an add-on option for new buyers on Thursday.

Amazon needs to take on Waymo to keep its crown as the king of retail, Morgan Stanley says

Waymo, Google’s secretive self-driving car project, could offer retailers an inexpensive way to compete with Amazon's Prime Now, Morgan Stanley cautioned. But if Amazon can build a differentiated autonomous offering, it can have a gross profit that's 5-15% higher, according to the firm.
Anthony Levandowski

Anthony Levandowski, the engineer at the center of the Uber/Waymo legal battle, has been tied to another upcoming autonomous vehicle project

Levandowski, the former head of Uber's self-driving car research who was accused of stealing trade secrets from his previous employer, Waymo, was at the center of a scandal involving the two companies. He was fired from Uber — but TechCrunch has found that he's tied to a new autonomous car project.
2017 Tesla Model S crash test.

BUCKLE UP: Tesla is going to face extreme volatility in 2018, Morgan Stanley warns

Negative long-term drivers could send Tesla shares down to $200, Morgan Stanley warns.

BI Intelligence launches new coverage for enterprises working in transportation and logistics

Transportation and logistics is getting disrupted by self-driving cars, autonomous trucks, drones, AI, and more...

Self-driving cars hitting the road have auto and tech execs worried about cyber attacks

Law firm Foley & Lardner asked automakers, suppliers, tech companies, and startups what they thought were the biggest legal concerns with self-driving cars.