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The inside of a Yandex self-driving car.

I rode in a self-driving car for the first time, and it was operated by the Google of Russia — here’s what it was like

I rode in a self-driving car, operated by Yandex, for the first time at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
The custom-made delivery van Udelv will be using for Walmart grocery online orders.

Walmart is launching its 3rd online grocery test with a self-driving car in just 6 months

Walmart is going all-in on autonomous grocery delivery, partnering with Udelv. It's the third deal Walmart has launched involving autonomous cars.

An ex-Uber employee claims he wasn’t allowed to take bathroom breaks the month before he was fired

"They made it clear you probably should hold it," Ryan Kelley, a former safety driver for Uber's autonomous vehicle program, told Business Insider.
The grocery chain Kroger has partnered with autonomous vehicle company Nuro on deliveries in Arizona.

Here’s why 2019 could be the year that an autonomous vehicle delivers your pizza and groceries

A report by CB Insights predicts that food delivery companies could enter into more formal business relationships with autonomous vehicle companies to reduce the cost of deliveries.

The controversial engineer at the center of the Uber-Waymo case claims he drove across the country in a self-driving car

Anthony Levandowski told The Guardian that he drove across the country in a vehicle equipped with autonomous driving technology.
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Didi Chuxing's Jean Liu take a car in China.

Ex-Tesla engineer Doug Field is back at Apple, working on its self-driving-car program, Project Titan

Doug Field worked in Apple's Mac division in 2013 before going to Tesla. He oversaw production of the Tesla Model 3 before the company announced his departure in July. Field is now back at Apple working with Bob Mansfield, who oversees Apple's self-driving-car program, Project Titan.
Andre Haddad is CEO of Turo.

The CEO of Turo rents out his 5 cars, including the trifecta of Teslas, to strangers — here’s why he thinks nearly everyone will be d...

Turo is a car-rental service most easily described as "Airbnb for cars." Its CEO, Andre Haddad, believes shared vehicles are the future of driving, because people will want to make their self-driving cars go to work for them. He's made $11,000 so far this year by renting out his cars on Turo.
Coast Autonomous makes self-driving software for low-speed vehicles.

I rode in a self-driving shuttle in Times Square — and it showed what the early years of fully-autonomous vehicles might look like

The autonomous driving startup Coast Autonomous demonstrated a self-driving shuttle, the Coast P-1, in Times Square. By using conservative, low-speed vehicles and limiting where they can travel, Coast has decreased the number of challenges its technology has to address.
Volkswagen Transporter

Apple teams up with Volkswagen to make a fleet of self-driving passenger vans

The partnership between Apple and Volkswagen is seen by some as bittersweet for the consumer-electronics giant, which had higher hopes for its self-driving car project when it first launched in 2014.

UBS: These 8 stocks are going to dominate the self-driving car revolution

Overall, the Swiss bank estimates autonomous vehicles will cost about $15,000 thanks to new expenses on technologies like sensors, location, redundancy needs (when a human needs to take over), and software.