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‘We can no longer defend the shares’: Boeing gets slapped with a trio of Wall Street downgrades as 737 Max scandal worsens

Three Wall Street firms slashed their price targets for Boeing shares following reports that the company may have misled regulators.
A Boeing 737 MAX sits outside the hangar at the Boeing plant in Renton, Washington.

Here’s why Boeing’s stock didn’t get whacked after Trump’s emergency order to ground the 737 Max

Boeing's stock ended slightly higher after President Donald Trump announced the grounding of the 737 Max aircraft.

Boeing’s big sell-off is causing the Dow to lag the S&P 500

Boeing woes drive underperformance of the Dow relative to the S&P 500. Stock is down due to 737 Max scandals.

Boeing’s market value has plunged by $40 billion from its 2019 peak

Boeing's market cap has dropped almost $40 billion from its 2019 peak. Wall Street remains bullish on the company.