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Student loan debt makes up 40% of millennial debt.

The wealth gap between generations in the US has nearly doubled in the past 20 years — and the Great Recession, an unaffordable housing market, ...

Millennials have seen a decrease in net worth compared to the same-aged cohort 20 years ago, while baby boomers have seen an increase, says a study.
More baby boomers are filing for bankruptcy.

The number of older Americans filing for bankruptcy has surged by up to 300% in recent years — and boomers are no exception

Baby boomers have more debt than previous generations — and it shows. Credit, medical, and student-loan debt are driving them to file for bankruptcy.
A Toys R Us store opening in 1990.

20 jobs that baby boomers loved in 1990 — but that millennials today just don’t want

Using Census data, we found 20 industries that used to have a lot of young adults in their workforces that now are dominated by older workers.

Mom and pop investors are flashing a new warning sign that the equity bull market is about to come crashing down

Mom and pop are shifting out of equities into bonds because they fear the slowing economy and trade war tension will crumple stocks.
Money stress affects more than half of all US adults, from Gen Z to baby boomers.

Money problems are keeping every generation up at night — check out the biggest financial stressors for every age group

Money stress affects more than half of all US adults, from Gen Z to baby boomers. Check out the biggest money issue affecting your generation.

More than half of baby-boomer job seekers say they’ve faced age discrimination, and it’s costing them work

53% of baby boomers say they have experienced age discrimination by their employers, according to a new study by iHire.
Cannabis could help older people with many ailments, from sleep problems to arthritis.

Baby boomers once demonized marijuana, but now they’re swearing by it as a miracle cure

People who are over 50 have found that cannabis can soothe the symptoms of arthritis, Parkinson's, and the effects of a stroke.
Turns out, Google is a big hit with everyone except the baby boomers.

Millennials, baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Z share their most beloved brands

Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Gen Z all differ somewhat when it comes to ranking their all-time favorite brands.

Millennials are poorer and own less property than previous generations, despite having more education

Despite being better educated than previous generations, millennials are poorer, own less property, and have lower marriage rates and fewer children.