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There is not a "normal" amount of breast milk you should produce.

How to increase your breast milk supply right after giving birth

The more milk you extract from your breasts right after giving birth, the better. Pump 8-10 times daily for the first 3 weeks after birth.
The author with her children.

My son’s first year of life in Minnesota cost about $6,000. Here’s every dollar we spent.

Raising a child can be expensive, and the first year is no exception — from diapers to doctor's appointments, there's a lot to budget for.
There's no concrete timeline for cold symptoms in babies because it varies from one baby to the next.

How to tell if your baby has a cold and how long it should last

For infants and children sick with the cold, symptoms will be the worst on days two and three and will typically last 7 to 10 days total.
The mothers from Oak Street Elementary and their babies.

7 teachers at a Kansas elementary school were pregnant at the same time, and the babies just met for an adorable photo

Principal Ashley Miller said she had to organize seven maternity leaves and has created a master schedule that works around the mothers' breast-pumping schedules.

The best strollers

Getting the right stroller for your baby is important. We've tested several strollers to find the best ones you can buy.

The best baby carriers

Carrying your baby can strengthen the bond between you and them, and help you get stuff done hands-free. These are the best baby carriers you can buy.

I want my daughter to love Harry Potter as much as I do — that’s why I love these printed swaddles and blankets

Introduce your baby to Harry Potter right from the beginning with this adorable collection of printed swaddles, blankets, and more.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has given birth to her second child with Snap CEO Evan Spiegel

Kerr shared with her over 12 million followers that she had given birth to a baby boy. This is Spiegel and Kerr's second child together.

I use this baby carrier on walks, hikes, and around the house — it keeps my daughter close and my hands free

When I need to get things done but my daughter refuses to be put down, I strap her into the Ergobaby 360 carrier. Here's what I thought after testing.

Kids will love everything about the $25 toy — it’s bright, interactive, and plays ‘Baby Shark’ for hours

"Baby Shark" is one of the most popular children's' songs and now, it even has its own toy. This is the first toy my kid grabs when it's playtime.