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Theresa May sees off another rebellion.

BANK OF AMERICA: Theresa May’s Brexit plan is ‘not possible’ — and here’s the Venn diagram that proves it

"In our view there is no feasible solution to achieving all three of PM May’s three ‘red lines’ or aims."

Bank of America issues its strongest sell signal yet as stocks plummet

BI PRIME: The Bull & Bear indicator managed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch has finally flashed a firm sell signal after weeks of overextended conditions.

BANK OF AMERICA: Stocks could surge 19% this year because investors are the right kind of cautious

Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the S&P 500 could surge 19% in 2018 because investors are nowhere near exuberant enough to suggest an imminent pullback.

The age when people feel the most — and least — happy with life, in one chart

Happiness changes over the course of your life in somewhat surprising ways.

Bank of America beats on earnings

Bank of America reported earnings Friday morning. The company increased revenues and profitability, despite a steep decline in trading.

BANK OF AMERICA: Here are 23 of our favorite stocks

Unless you are a hedge fund, you probably don't have the money required to hire a big team of analysts. Luckily, BAML's team is here to help.

A top IPO banker is leaving Bank of America Merrill Lynch to join a fintech company

Moriarty has spent his entire career — more than two decades — with Merrill Lynch, now Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

BAML: These 3 policy concerns ‘keep us up at night’ ahead of the US presidential election

With the upcoming election, effects on fiscal policy, trade and the Fed are causing increasing uncertainty.

More people already want Apple AirPods than the Apple Watch

Although the AirPods have yet to go on sale, there are a lot of people who want to buy them.