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Looking for new banknotes for CNY? Here’s a list of where you can still find them

Online reservations may have closed for most banks here, but Business Insider has got you covered.
The error is tiny, contained in the note's micro-text.

Australia printed a typo on 46 million new $50 banknotes, misspelling the word ‘responsibility’

The notes misspell the word "responsibility" in an extract from the speech given by the country's first female member of parliament in 1921.

Looking for new banknotes for CNY? You can now reserve them online

It's 2019 – you can reserve anything online. Yes, even money.
Canadian "Mounties" holding the new $10 bill.

The most unique currencies in the world

From see-through panels to waterproof bills, here's a look at cutting-edge currencies from around the globe.
Mark Carney flashes the new £10 note.

Today is the last day to spend your old £10 notes

The old £10 notes will cease to be legal tender — meaning shops are no longer obliged to take them — after 11.59 p.m. (GMT) on Thursday, March 1.

The Bank of England’s cash chief tells us why the new £10 is the most secure note ever

You may not have heard of Victoria Cleland before, but you've almost certainly seen her name hundreds of times.

The new £10 note has entered circulation — featuring Jane Austen and multicoloured holograms

The note was first unveiled by BoE Governor Mark Carney at a ceremony at Winchester Cathedral in July, but it is now available for British citizens to use.

Some people are angry about the Jane Austen quote used on the new £10 note

'I declare after all that there is no enjoyment like reading!'