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5 beloved brands that were brought back from the brink of death

Bankruptcy filings and rocky startup years didn't prove to be insurmountable hurdles for these famous businesses.
Payless is just one of the companies that's shutting down.

These 15 retailers have filed for bankruptcy or liquidation in 2019

A slew of national retailers have already filed for bankruptcy in 2019. Here's a list of the major ones.
More baby boomers are filing for bankruptcy.

The number of older Americans filing for bankruptcy has surged by up to 300% in recent years — and boomers are no exception

Baby boomers have more debt than previous generations — and it shows. Credit, medical, and student-loan debt are driving them to file for bankruptcy.
Michael Jackson, Kim Basinger, and Mike Tyson have filed for bankruptcy at least once in their career.

24 celebrities who were rich and famous before losing all their money

Being a big musician or a giant Hollywood star who earns a lot of money sounds great, but many celebrities wind up having money problems.

Barneys is closing 15 of its 22 stores after filing for bankruptcy. Here’s the full list.

Barneys New York announced on Tuesday it will file for bankruptcy and close 15 of its 22 stores as it seeks ways to restructure and refinance.
Manhattan's Barneys store towers nine stories over Madison Avenue.

We went to Barneys’ New York flagship store shortly before the retailer filed for bankruptcy. Here’s what it was like.

We visited Barneys' Manhattan flagship before it filed for bankruptcy. The store was beautiful, but it had a lot of empty space.

A luxury movie theater that IPO’d 18 months ago at a $200 million valuation has filed for bankruptcy

"Delays in development cycle combined with the high cost of capital depleted iPiC's available resources," said Hamid Hashemi, CEO.
David's Bridal is still open.

6 companies that have filed for bankruptcy but you can still shop or eat at

Bankruptcy isn't always a death sentence for businesses. These retailers that recently underwent bankruptcy proceedings are all proof of that.
A Toys R Us advertisement in Hong Kong.

The company formerly known as Toys R Us is reportedly opening stores in time for Christmas

The company holding the assets of the defunct Toys R Us will open new toy stores in the US in preparation for the holiday season, a new report says.
Women's Boxy Crop Tee

A cult-favorite clothing company that narrowly escaped bankruptcy could reach over $10 million in sales this year

Richer Poorer is now famously known for its great women's and men's clothing basics, but there was a time when it almost lost everything.