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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden share a laugh in the Oval Office July 21, 2014.

Americans’ support for Obamacare is at an all-time high, and it could be a huge boost for Democrats

Support for President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement — the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare — is at record highs less than three weeks before the midterm elections, according to a new Fox News poll.

Trump talks tough about the military, but he hasn’t visited a war zone where US troops are fighting — unlike his predecessors

A year and a half into his tenure, President Trump has yet to visit Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria, among other places where US troops are putting their lives on the line to execute his orders.
Former first lady Michelle Obama embraces former president George Bush at the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in September 2016.

‘I love him to death’: Michelle Obama says George W. Bush is her ‘partner in crime’ at official functions

Former first lady Michelle Obama and former President George W. Bush went viral last month when they were caught on camera sharing candy during Sen. John McCain's funeral service in Washington, DC.
Michelle Obama appeared on the "Today" show Thursday morning.

Michelle Obama said Barack does one thing at home that drives her crazy

Barack and Michelle Obama's close relationship was a focal point of the Obama administration years — and it even inspired a film. But the former first lady says things aren't always perfect between her and Barack.
Barack and Michelle Obama on their wedding day in 1992.

Barack Obama wrote a heartwarming message to his wife Michelle on their 26th anniversary

Wednesday marked Barack and Michelle Obama's 26th wedding anniversary. In a sweet post on social media, former President Obama shared a picture of his wife looking out the window of an airplane, saying she was his "favorite person to see the world with."
Barack and Michelle Obama in 2008.

50 romantic photos show why everyone misses Barack and Michelle Obama

The former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama are still very much in love, and continue to capture America's hearts out of the white house.
World leaders laughed at President Donald Trump during his remarks at the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

World leaders laugh as Trump claims his administration has accomplished more than any other in US history

President Donald Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly got off to a bit of a rocky start when world leaders and diplomats laughed at his claim that his administration has accomplished more than any other in US history.

Trump is beating up on Iran — and it’s making Obama look weak

President Donald Trump has, at almost every turn, defied experts on Iran policy to take a very aggressive track against Tehran and has yet to suffer a single tangible consequence. The nightmare scenarios President Barack Obama warned against have not come to pass.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has received donations from more Amazon workers than Barack Obama over the past 14 years

More Amazon workers have donated to Bernie Sanders than Barack Obama over the past 14 years, according to political data firm GovPredict. It could be a boost for Sanders' campaign against Amazon's working standards, showing his ideas and ideology resonate with certain sections of Amazon employees.
Barack Obama.

This year’s average Goldman Sachs intern is willing to pay $6 for avocado toast and admires Obama

Seventy-six percent of Goldman Sachs' 3,162 global summer analysts and associates responded to the questionnaire on everything from their ambitions to their spending habits. Here are the results.