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Bar Malik, the athletic performance advisor for the New York Knicks, knows how to run a great workout.

6 full-body exercises you can do with almost no equipment

An NBA strength and conditioning coach demonstrated how a mat, foam roller, and resistance band can sculpt your legs, butt, abs, back, and arms.

Why Nike is caught in the middle of the NBA’s dispute with China

Nike's exclusive deal with the basketball league could put its regional sales in jeopardy, which rose 22% last quarter.
KeShon Henderson was shot just after he received a scholarship for playing basketball.

A high schooler won a college basketball scholarship. Hours later, he was shot and doctors amputated his leg.

High school senior KeShon Henderson lost circulation in one of his legs following the gunshot wound forcing doctors to amputate it to save his life.

What the NBA’s biggest stars looked like when their careers began

In a league where so many players come and go, it can be fun to revisit just how far some of the NBA's best players have come.
Green ate more protein and less fried food and sugar.

NBA star Draymond Green lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks by eating more protein and cutting out alcohol

The Golden State Warriors power forward said he "didn't have a choice" but to clean up his diet. His plan was straightforward, and it worked.
LeBron James, athlete and advocate.

California just legalized college athlete pay — with the help of LeBron James. Here’s how the NBA icon became one of America’s most ...

James is a champion advocate for college athlete pay, player-driven media, and the long fight of player empowerment.
Magic Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal were both ranked above Bryant in the list.

Kobe Bryant was ranked below Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan, and Magic Johnson in a list of the top 50 NBA players of all time

LeBron James, meanwhile, was ranked second in Bleacher Report's list of the NBA's greatest players.

Alibaba billionaire Joseph Tsai is buying out the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclay Center in a $2.35 billion deal, and it’s the highest price ever ...

Joseph Tsai is also taking control of Barclays Center, the 19,000-seat arena in Downtown Brooklyn that the Nets call home, he announced August 16.
Larry "Bone Collector" Williams vs. Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather went one-on-one with Larry ‘Bone Collector’ Williams in a basketball game, had his ‘ankles broken,’ then laug...

Does this count as the first loss in his career? Either way, the former champion boxer laughed through the embarrassment.
The Toronto Raptors NBA championship has some fans believing the "Drake curse" has been broken, but others aren't convinced.

The Toronto Raptors won the NBA championship, and fans are split on whether or not it means the end of the infamous ‘Drake curse’

The Toronto Raptors NBA championship has some fans believing the "Drake curse" has been broken, but others aren't convinced.