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"Pet Graveyard" is a real movie coming out on DVD and digital ahead of "Pet Sematary."

30 nearly identical pairs of movies that came out around the same time

"Pet Sematary" and "Pet Graveyard" are both coming out April 2019. Here are more similar films that came out around the same time.

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How these superhero movies brutally demolished major cities they were supposed to save

In superhero movie after superhero movie, we've seen the fights wreak horrible havoc on major urban centers. And it only seems to get worse.

The director of ‘Batman v Superman’ admits negative feedback from fans changed his approach to the upcoming sequel ‘Justice League&#...

Zack Snyder discusses the critical panning of 2015's "Batman v Superman" and admits to incorporating fan responses into his production of "Justice League."

There’s a massive shake-up at Warner Bros. after the failure of ‘Batman v Superman’

Warner Bros. has launched a new standalone division called DC Films for its coming comic book adaptations.

An old Zack Snyder interview perfectly captures why the new Batman movie is such a disaster

During the interview, he revealed that he had different ideas about the Caped Crusader than fellow director Christopher Nolan, who directed "Batman Begins."

Henry Cavill made one important change to his Superman suit for ‘Batman v Superman’

The actor had a much easier time going to the bathroom with his new costume.

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Batman v Superman’ going into the movie

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is one of the most expensive movies ever made — and the visuals are stunning.

The Wonder Woman actress says she had one demand for playing the role in ‘Batman v Superman’

This superheroine coming to the screen is anything but a damsel in distress.