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Matt Denton standing in front of his creation, Mantis.

The man who built ‘Star Wars’ droid BB-8 has created a giant rideable robot spider — here it is in action

Animatronics engineer Matt Denton has worked making robots for 'Star Wars,' 'Harry Potter,' and 'Jurassic World.' His most famous creation is the 'Star Wars' droid BB-8, but he has also built a giant 2-tonne spider-like vehicle named Mantis, the world's largest hexapod robot.

Bill Hader has no clue if he’s getting residuals for voicing BB-8 in ‘The Force Awakens’

Bill Hader said he really needs to check in with his business manager about if he's getting residuals for voicing BB-8 for "The Force Awakens."

BB-8 originally spoke actual words — here’s how the ‘Star Wars’ droid’s voice was made

Actor Ben Schwartz explains the human noises and dialogue that went into all those beeps from BB-8.

We tried to put the new ‘Star Wars’ droid to work and the results were hilarious

Sphero's $150 version of the BB-8 droid from 'Star Wars' spends a day at the Business Insider office.

This $150 Star Wars toy restored my faith in our robot overlords

Sphero's BB-8 Star Wars toy is fun, functional, funny, and has a lot of personality.