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Danny Baker.

The BBC has fired one of its radio DJs after he tweeted an image of the royal baby as a chimpanzee

Danny Baker of 5Live apologized for what he called an "unthinking gag pic," which he said was "supposed to be a joke about royal vs circus animals in posh clothes."
FILE PHOTO: An American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight approaches for landing at Reagan National Airport in Washington

This is the trick airlines use to make more flights appear on time

According to Singapore Management University, between 1986 and 2016, the length of flights have increased by as much as 9.8 minutes.
US President Donald Trump shakes hands with Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. June 20, 2017.

The BBC admitted botching a report that claimed Michael Cohen was selling access to Trump for $400,000 in Ukraine

The BBC said it will pay Ukraine's Petro Poroshenko undisclosed damages for falsely claiming he paid Trump's fixer for a meeting.
A still from footage shared by the BBC's Washington correspondent shows a man being led away after shoving a BBC cameraman at a rally in El Paso, Texas, on Monday.

A BBC cameraman was attacked by a Trump supporter yelling ‘F— the media!’ at his border rally in Texas

BBC cameraman Ron Skeans was "violently pushed and shoved" at President Donald Trump's rally in El Paso. The BBC said it was "unacceptable."
The vets called by the BBC crew.

A BBC film crew saved a poisoned lion cub — but violated one of the first rules of nature documentaries in the process

The lion cub in the Masai Mara reserve park in Kenya escaped death thanks to the crew, but the rule of non-interference into habitats was broken.

Malaysian Syariah High Court judge named in BBC’s list of world’s 100 most inspiring women

"Nenney fights for the protection of Muslim women in her courts and wants to change the negative perceptions of Sharia law," the BBC wrote.
Documentary maker Louis Theroux.

Louis Theroux loves being a viral internet meme, even if he doesn’t understand why

Documentary maker Louis Theroux told Business Insider he doesn't quite understand the runaway success of accounts like @louisetherouxbot.
Charlotte Moore, the BBC's director of content.

One of the world’s most powerful TV executives savaged Netflix and Amazon’s ‘insatiable greed for data-gathering’

Charlotte Moore, one of the world's most powerful TV executives, has taken a brutal swipe at Netflix and Amazon. The BBC's director of content said they have an 'insatiable greed for data-gathering' and are motivated by profit, rather than what's good for audiences.

‘Doctor Who’ fans are loving the first female doctor and the way the show is reinventing itself — and so are critics

On Sunday night, Jodie Whittaker made history as the first woman to ever play the iconic role of the Doctor on "Doctor Who." Both fans and critics are praising the show for reinventing itself along with her introduction.