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I’ve had this $149 Pendleton blanket for more than 4 years and it hasn’t shrunk, pilled, or faded — I loved it so much that I bought...

These wool blankets from Pendleton are durable, machine-washable, and insanely warm. I loved mine so much that I bought a second — here's why.

The $140 sheets that showed me why it’s worth paying more for bedding

I never paid attention to bedding until I tried these Gryphon sheets. Now, I actually look forward to sleeping with these sheets instead of just sleeping.

My wife and I tried this 20-pound weighted blanket — it put me to sleep in minutes and helped ease her anxiety

I like the Quility Weighted Blanket because the weight is well distributed, the materials are breathable and keep me from overheating, and it helps me to fall asleep quickly.

This $120 aromatherapy pillow helps relieve my restlessness for a better night’s sleep — here’s how it works

Gravity's Aromatherapy Pillow comes with lavender inserts to help ease stress and sleeplessness at night. Here's how I felt after sleeping with it.
Plank Mattress: "The firmest, flattest, healthiest way to sleep" — at least in the western hemisphere.

This 2-sided mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is the only truly firm one I’ve found since returning from Asia — if ‘firm’ is never...

Brooklyn Bedding's new dual-sided Plank mattress is the firm (and ultra-firm) mattress we've all been waiting for. Here's what it's like to sleep on.

Brooklinen’s linen sheets won’t make you sweat on hot summer nights — here’s what sleeping with them feels like

Brooklinen's new linen collection of bed sheets is breathable, soft, and kept me cool throughout hot summer nights.

The best back-to-school and end-of-season sales you can shop online

As summer comes to an end, retailers across the internet are having back-to-school and end-of-season sales. These are the 35 best sales going on now.

Sofa startup Burrow has launched a ‘sleep kit’ that makes the couch a more comfortable place for guests to crash

It's difficult to get a good night's sleep as an overnight guest. Burrow's solution is a five-piece Sleep Kit to enhance the uncomfortable experience.

The best latex pillows you can buy

To get a consistently better night of sleep, try a cooling latex pillow that supports the head and neck. These are the best latex pillows you can buy.

Popular mattress startup Casper makes really impressive sheets — and they’re 40% off right now

I tried Casper's sheets, duvet cover, and pillow, and after many nights of great sleep, I can now count its bedding products among my favorites.