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A beer in Dublin, Ireland, the home of Guinness, costs about $7.

How much it costs to grab a pint of beer around the world

The price of beer in cities around the world ranges from $1.50 in Manila, Philippines, to $12.00 in Dubai, according to Deutsche Bank's latest research on cost of living. Find out how much it costs in other cities like New York, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Budweiser’s parent company is now giving nearly 200,000 employees four months of paid parental leave

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest beer company, has a new parental leave policy for all salaried employees globally. The policy is a nod to two emerging trends in parental leave policies — greater inclusivity for non-traditional families and a policy that extends to global employees.
Budweiser has a new beer that's inspired by George Washington.

Budweiser created a beer based on a 261-year-old recipe in George Washington’s journal — here’s the verdict

Budweiser has created a beer based on a recipe in George Washington's journal from the 1750s. We tested the beer and were impressed to discover a rich and well-balanced beverage.
Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski downs a cold one.

Coors and Miller Lite are going to war with Trump’s tariffs

Pete Coors, chairman of MoulsonCoors, wrote in an op-ed Tuesday that President Trump's new aluminum tariffs are damaging the beer business — and consumers will pay more because of the measure.
Dancers of the Ballet Folklorico Mexicano before performing at the White House on May 3, 2012.

The real history of Cinco de Mayo, and how it’s celebrated around the world

No other country, including Mexico, celebrates Cinco de Mayo like it's celebrated in the US. Here's the real story behind May 5.

Drinking just one extra glass of wine or pint of beer a week could shorten your life by 30 minutes, according to a major new study

The threshold for the lowest risk of death is just 100g per week — which works out at five 175ml glasses of wine or five pints.
Costco shopper Randy Colpek crashes through a wall of beer.

A Costco shopper professes his love for the store’s beer in a viral commercial he filmed in his backyard

Costco's private-label Kirkland products — including its beer — have become a massive hit for the company since launching in 1995.
Heineken Light is under fire for an ad campaign some are calling "terribly racist."

Heineken is killing its ‘Lighter Is Better’ campaign after being slammed for ‘racist’ beer ad

Heineken is pulling an ad campaign with the tagline "Sometimes Lighter Is Better".
Heineken Light is under fire for an ad campaign some are calling "terribly racist."

Critics are slamming this ‘racist’ Heineken beer ad that declares ‘lighter is better’

Chance the Rapper and others are slamming Heineken over what some consider a racist commercial for light beer.