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Bud Light is struggling to win over millennials.

Budweiser and Bud Light’s downward spirals continues as millennials ditch beer

Bud Light lost 0.9 percentage points of the total market share in the US in the most recent quarter, while Budweiser lost 0.35 percentage points.
Beer has a long and fascinating history.

14 things you didn’t know about the history of beer

Here are some important things you should know about beer and its history.
The price of beer varies from city to city.

How much a pint of beer costs around the world

The price of a pint of beer varies from city to city. Deutsche Bank analyzed the price of beer in 50 cities worldwide and found Dubai was the most expensive, with the average pint costing $12.
The athletes' village received a 3,500 litre delivery of non-alcoholic beer.

Extreme weather could trigger a global beer shortage that causes prices to skyrocket worldwide

Rising temperatures and severe drought could hinder the production of barley, creating a global beer shortage and a 16% decline in worldwide beer consumption.

KL permits Oktoberfest while debate over beer fests in Malaysia continues

The annual festival – which originates from Germany – is under fire from religious leaders for its beer-drinking tradition. The consumption of alcohol is illegal under Muslim law.
Some iconic beer brands have failed to win over millennials.

Millennials are wreaking havoc on these 18 industries

Millennials' indifference or outright distain has sent a wide range of industries into a slump in recent years. From golf equipment makers to razor manufacturers, changing millennial tastes have hit some companies hard.
The beverage giant behind Corona is bullish on cannabis.

CEO of the beverage giant behind Corona: Cannabis is one of the ‘most significant’ growth opportunities of the next decade

Constellation Brands' CEO Rob Sands is extremely bullish about the burgeoning cannabis industry. "The whole market is going to be explosive," Sands said on a call with investors.
The Last Blockbuster is now a beer.

The last Blockbuster in America created a beer to celebrate its lonely status — here’s the verdict

The sole remaining Blockbuster in America now has a beer produced in its honor. A taste test of the beer reveals it to be a dark, complex beer that tastes as though the drinker has sucked it down through a Twizzler straw.

I grew up in Munich — here are my top tips for tackling Oktoberfest like a local

The best tips to experience Oktoberfest like a local. From toasting with "prost!" when you drink to sharing a table. These tips will help navigate the world's biggest beer fest like a pro.
Sylvester Schneider, behind the bar of his German restaurant Zum Schneider, teaches us the art of pouring beer.

How to pour beer like a German

Pouring beer is an art. Here's how to pour a beer according to a German expert pourer and drinker of beer.