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Beeswax's founders, from left, Shamim Samadi, Ari Paparo, and Ram Rengaswamy.

Former Googlers who run their own tech startup ask candidates 3 questions that seem to have nothing to do with the job

Questions during a job interview don't always have to do with the job itself.
YK Sugi left Google to become a full-time YouTuber.

Everyone wants to work at Google — but we found out how 15 ex-Googlers knew it was time to quit

Google is a dream job for many workers in the tech industry. We spoke to former Google employees to find out why they decided to leave the company, and their answers ranged from frustration with company politics to the desire to become a social media influencer.
Beeswax chief technical officer Ram Rengaswamy, CEO Ari Paparo, and chief product officer Shamim Samadi.

After years of wasting time in meetings, 3 former Googlers decided to do things differently at their new startup

Pointless meetings are killers for productivity and can annoy employees in an office. The executives of the startup Beeswax, all former Google execs, say they've learned how to keep meetings streamlined and efficient.
From left to right, Beeswax founders Shamim Samadi, Ari Paparo, and Ram Rengaswamy.

3 former Google execs explain why they left a company where just about everyone wants to work

Google regularly makes the list of the best places to work in America. The three founders of the startup Beeswax are all former Google executives, and they each explained to Business Insider why they decided to leave the company.
From left to right, Beeswax founders Shamim Samadi, Ari Paparo, and Ram Rengaswamy.

3 Googlers turned startup founders have been using the same old-school tool since their first day on their own

Beeswax, an ad-tech startup founded by three former Google executives, set up whiteboards in practically every room of their New York office, including the kitchen. Whiteboards have been the common thread on the journey from working at Google to leading their own startup.

How a tiny startup founded by former Googlers is helping Foursquare pivot its business

Foursquare began using Beeswax in the first quarter of 2016.