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Scientists at he University of California at Berkeley created cannabis compounds in a lab for the first time.

Scientists just made marijuana compounds in a lab for the first time, and it could open the door to new treatments for devastating diseases

A team of UC Berkeley researchers made cannabis compounds THC and CBD in a lab using an approach known as synthetic biology. They've already licensed the technology to a startup called Demetrix.
A Kiwi delivery robot.

A delivery robot burst into flames on Berkeley university campus, and students held a candlelit vigil

Startup Kiwi said the fire was caused by a faulty battery and it pulled all of its robots from service to investigate.
"Berkeley is the center of the resistance, and for the resistance to work, it must have a coin."

A major California city could become the first to create its own bitcoin-inspired currency

Elected officials in Berkeley, California, are exploring launching an initial coin offering to raise funding for affordable housing.
A view of the River Thames in London

London housing transactions plummet 18% as Brexit, stamp duty, and mortgage rules bite

Housebuilder Berkely posted strong profits on Friday but warned of a tough outlook next year, as Brexit and inflation bites.

Brexit, mortgage problems, and stamp duty hikes mean some firms’ London building activity is down as much as 30% from 2015

Housebuilder Berkeley says adverse conditions in London mean housebuilding starts are down 30% on 2015.

An elite university is offering a fast-track program for tech leaders that’s more competitive than Stanford

A new program at the University of California, Berkeley, wants to launch the "tech leaders of tomorrow."

A San Francisco real-estate developer wants to house the homeless in towers of stackable ‘micro-units’

The MicroPad, a converted shipping-container-like module, could be coming to Berkeley.