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One Wall Street firm just slashed Beyond Meat’s price target by nearly 25%

Bernstein's Alexia Howard: "Investors will want to hear an update on the competitive landscape, especially after Impossible Foods launched in retail."

WeWork is on pace to run out of money by mid-2020, Bernstein says

"Our existing forecasts shows the company is currently burning through $2.8 billion per year," Bernstein analysts wrote.

A record $1.1 trillion has shifted out of stocks over the last year. Here’s why the market is still climbing, and could see further gains soon.

"Such periods of outflows tend to see somewhat better equity returns over the following 6 months," Bernstein analysts said in a client note.

Netflix tumbles after a Bernstein analyst says the stock could fall 21% before hitting a ‘theoretical floor’

The analyst found that, while a bearish case could see Netflix shares drop to $230, strong performance could see it reach nearly $400 before 2020.
Tesla's longest serving executive, JB Straubel (right), left his post as chief technical officer earlier this year.

Tesla executives are jumping ship more often than at other companies. It could be an ominous sign for the rest of its leadership team

If the rate holds, Bernstein warns, the entire executive team of more than 150 people could be gone in less than four years.

These 10 stocks are the most crowded trades

Visa, Facebook and Mastercard are among stocks appearing on a large share of investors portfolios, according to AllianceBernstein.
Brexit is causing confusion among investors.

Brexit is now such a headache that the UK is ‘uninvestable,’ according to one of Wall Street’s best respected research houses

"With UK politics in the midst of Brexit turmoil what are investors meant to do?" — Bernstein's Inigo Fraser-Jenkins and his team asked in a note.

The robots are killing Tesla

OPINION: In a rare win for humans, a Bernstein analyst posits that Tesla may actually be over-automating its much-lauded factory in Fremont, California.
Inigo Fraser-Jenkins.

A quant analyst took 6 months off work to deal with cancer, and when he returned sent this 4,000-word note to clients questioning the purpose of the f...

BI Prime: Bernstein analyst Inigo Fraser-Jenkins spent six months off work going through chemo and radiation.