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Starting salary at Facebook isn't up for negotiation.

How Facebook decides how much you’ll make working there

Don't plan on negotiating a much higher salary at Facebook. There's an algorithm for that.
A job interview tip from Facebook VP of HR Janelle Gale: "Cockiness does not work."

A Facebook exec explains why she doesn’t hire ‘the smartest person in the room’ — and the questions she asks to weed them out

Facebook VP of HR Janelle Gale has some job interview tips for people who want to work at Facebook, and some red flags that could take you out of the running.
Landing a Facebook job isn't just about your degree or who you know.

A Facebook exec breaks down the 2 biggest misconceptions about landing a job at the tech giant

Facebook VP of HR Janelle Gale dispelled certain common misconceptions about landing a job at the tech company.
It's all about support, flexibility, and autonomy.

What it’s like to work at HubSpot, one of the best workplaces of 2018

HubSpot, which makes inbound marketing and sales software, was ranked one of the top tech companies in the US. We asked employees what it's like to work there.
You could earn $100,000 a year or more at some of the best places to work in 2018.

13 high-paying jobs at companies people love working for

What could be better than working at a company beloved by its employees? How about getting paid a lot of money to do it?
"It's a big deal."

Once a year, Facebook bombards employees with custom balloons and shout outs — and even Mark Zuckerberg participates

Facebook's tradition of hyping workers' "Faceversaries" involves customized balloons, lots of social media posts, and a possible thumbs up from Mark Zuckerberg.
Check out this cheat sheet for navigating Facebook's hiring process.

How to ace your interview at Facebook

Top Facebook execs explain how to rock your job interview with the tech giant.
Employees across the board appreciate feeling valued.

What employees love about working at the 15 best companies in America

Glassdoor came out with its list of the best companies in America. Here's what the employees of those organizations had to say about why they love their jobs.
These fast-food chains exceed expectations.

Fast food chains like In-N-Out are quickly becoming jobs people want to have

From In-N-Out to Starbucks to Chick-fil-A, these are the six fast-food joints with the most satisfied people, based on employee ratings on Glassdoor.
Do you have what it takes to rock these job interviews?

From Facebook to Google, here’s what you can expect in job interviews at the 25 best places to work in America

Glassdoor outlines everything you need to know about interviewing at some of the highest-ranked companies on its site.