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French economist Thomas Piketty's 2014 bestseller, "Capital in the 21st Century," is still a foundational text on understanding today's destabilizing inequality.

These 9 books will help you make sense of why we need ‘better capitalism’

Our selections include books like "The Shareholder Value Myth" and "Winners Take All."
"Women equality and diversity are key drivers for the global economy, wealth managementand companies' returns," wrote researchers for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

If we closed the gender gap by 2025, the global economy could see a $28 trillion windfall

Hiring and promoting more women would be a major boost for the economy
Nick Hanauer is a founder of Second Ave Partners in Seattle.

Why a wealthy venture capitalist thinks it’s crucial Americans realize trickle-down economics is ‘a straight up lie’

Shareholder primacy has resulted in extreme inequality that's causing the wealthiest to capture most of the economy's growth, said Nick Hanauer.
Bernie Sanders isn't as radical as critics think, says the Delaware Supreme Court's chief justice.

Dismissing Bernie Sanders as a communist shows your ‘profound ignorance,’ says one of the most influential behind-the-scenes figures in Am...

Delaware Supreme Court chief justice Leo E. Strine, Jr., says Americans need to rethink social democracy if they want to improve the economy.

According to wealthy investor Nick Hanauer, the wrong approach to capitalism has been weakening the American Dream for the past 40 years

Investor and progressive activist Nick Hanauer said that neoliberal policies are responsible for increased inequality and decreased mobility.

Alaska’s Republican governor wants to give every resident more than $4,000 for the next 3 years, but not everyone is happy

Nearly all Alaskans receive around $2,000 each year from the state's permanent fund. Its future is a major point of contention.
"Winners Take All" author Anand Giridharadas.

The critic who has the world’s richest people buzzing says Americans must not elect another billionaire president

"Winners Take All" author Anand Giridharadas said billionaires Howard Schultz and Michael Bloomberg are unwilling to embrace change America needs.
Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian.

Delta CEO explains why paying employees to volunteer in the community is good for business

Delta's volunteer program is expected to fund 640,000 service hours in 13,000 communities around the world.
Nick Hanauer is a founder of Second Ave Partners in Seattle.

Wealthy investor Nick Hanauer says the US economy mints billionaires while many Americans are struggling, and there’s no excuse for it

Seattle-based investor Nick Hanauer believes that the neoliberal policies of the past 40 years have hurt the United States.
US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the existence of billionaires in America at this point in history is immoral.

Calls to ‘abolish billionaires’ raise eyebrows, but they’ve been a long time coming

A provocative New York Times editorial tapped into an increasingly passionate debate about the role billionaires play in American society.