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Taylor co-founder Bob Taylor.

Taylor Guitars took a big risk by investing in an African sawmill — but according the company’s co-founder, it was a great move

San Diego-based Taylor Guitars has made a substantial investment in a sawmill in Cameroon to provide the innovative company with a sustainable supply of an essential wood, ebony. Under co-founder Bob Taylor's leadership, the company upgraded the sawmill to a high level of craftsmanship.
Ty Smith spent almost 12 years as a Navy SEAL. At right, he's pictured with his post-military mentor, USC professor Robert Turrill.

The University of Southern California has an MBA program for veterans that could serve as a model for universities across America

USC's Master of Business for Veterans program, launched in 2013, has helped more than 300 veterans transition from the military to leadership roles in the corporate world, and its success suggests its model could be replicated.
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon originated the idea for investing heavily in Detroit, and wanted to build upon lessons learned there.

JPMorgan’s experimental investment in Detroit was so successful that it’s decided to invest $500 million in up-and-coming cities

JPMorgan Chase launched the AdvancingCities initiative, which will invest $500 million in cities through loans to entrepreneurs and investment in neighborhood rebuilding and workforce development.
Income inequality in the modern-day US has sparked a second Gilded Age, says one historian.

The United States is undergoing a second Gilded Age, and it shows the same struggle has defined America for 150 years

The current age of increasing inequality in America has many similarities to the Gilded Age of the late 19th century. And it reflects the constant tension between capitalism and democracy, says historian HW Brands.
An overall decline in productivity is partially linked to a decline in manufacturing jobs.

Unemployment in the US is historically low, but wage growth is sluggish — and no one seems to know exactly why

Unemployment is at a record low, but wage growth is still sluggish. Low productivity growth is the primary factor, and raising wages for lower-end jobs can accelerate growth.
Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz speaks about the release of a new report he authored that was published by the Roosevelt Institute May 12, 2015 in Washington, DC. The report, titled 'New Economic Agenda for Growth and Shared Prosperity', discusses the current distribution of wealth in the U.S. and offers proposals for modifying that distribution.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says the US has a major monopoly problem

Economist Joseph Stiglitz says that a concentration of market power is driving inequality and slowing economic growth in America.
Steve Case.

Learn why billionaire AOL cofounder Steve Case is investing in companies outside the major coastal startup hubs at IGNITION 2018

Steve Case will take the stage at IGNITION 2018 to discuss entrepreneurship, highlights from his "Rise of the Rest" bus tour, and the long-term vision for his DC-based venture-capital firm Revolution.
French economist Thomas Piketty is the author of the bestseller "Capital in the 21st Century" and one of the world's premiere scholars on income inequality.

A simple chart shows what some economists consider to be the ‘most striking development’ in 40 years of the US economy

French economist Thomas Piketty, best known for his bestseller "Capital in the 21st Century," said that his latest research revealed that since 1980, the top 1%'s share of all income has risen while the bottom 50%'s share has fallen.
Service workers celebrate in 2016 after California passed a bill that gradually raises the minimum wage until it reaches $15.00 per hour in 2022.

20 years of government data says raising the minimum wage could be good for workers, businesses, and the economy

Economists for the US Census Bureau have found that a raise in minimum wage leads to increased earnings growth for lower-income people, suggesting it's an effective tool for decreasing unstable inequality in the country.