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Beyond Meat surges after JPMorgan gives it an elusive buy rating

JPMorgan says Beyond's potential to acquire new customers, continued strength in measured data, and valuations have made it appealing again.
The Beyond Burger simulates the juiciness of real meat.

Full-page ads in newspapers are calling out meat alternatives like the Beyond Burger for containing chemicals, but nutritionists say it’s health...

We asked nutritionists to evaluate the 22 ingredients in a Beyond Meat patty, which include coconut oil, an item with more saturated fat than lard.
The Dunkin' location in Manhattan's Financial District.

A Dunkin’ employee says she was sent to Burger King locations during the Impossible Whopper debut to hand out $5 gift cards

The employee exclusively told INSIDER that she and her colleagues were sent to Burger Kings to promote Dunkin's new meatless breakfast sandwich.

These 3 lawsuits are protecting the rights of companies like Beyond Meat to call their products ‘burgers’, ‘hot dogs,’ and oth...

Label laws set an "impossible scenario for these companies in such a way that limits the rights of consumers," said Holly Dickson of the Arkansas ACLU.
The Beyond Meat IPO at the Nasdaq Marketsite.

These are Beyond Meat’s 11 highest-profile partnerships in the food industry

Beyond the grocery aisle, Beyond Meat's products can be found at numerous restaurant chains in the US and Canada.

Plant-based ‘meat’ is conquering fast food. Here’s where you can get meat substitutes like the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Taco...

Plant-based burgers are coming into the mainstream. Here are the chains where you can buy the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger.
Subway is rolling out the Beyond Meatball Marinara sub.

Subway is jumping on the faux-meat bandwagon with a Beyond Meat meatball sub

Subway says it is rolling out the Beyond Meatball Marinara sub at 685 locations in the US and Canada in September.
I tried Nestlé's new plant-based burger that's launching in September.

I tried the plant-based burger Nestlé is launching to compete with Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Here’s what it tastes like.

Nestlé is taking a bit out of the plant-based "meat" market with its own take on a vegan burger, called the Awesome Burger.

Beyond Meat tumbles after pricing a stock offering at a big discount to where shares are trading

The second public offering will raise capital for the company and allows some early investors to cash out after the stock's blockbuster performance.

Impossible Foods just won an FDA nod to sell its fake meat in stores, and Beyond Meat shares are tanking

Impossible Foods won FDA approval for a key ingredient in plant-based burger patties, clearing the way for direct consumer sales in the US.