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Del Taco sold 2 million plant-based Beyond Meat tacos in less than 2 months. Now, the chain is rolling out Beyond Burritos stuffed with french fries.

Del Taco struck gold with its Beyond Meat tacos. Now, the chain is doubling down and adding Beyond Burritos to the menu.

Beyond Meat short sellers are stubbornly clinging to their bets, even after racking up $600 million of losses in less than 2 months

"Even when a short closes out their position, there is another short standing right behind them ready," one expert told Business Insider.

Beyond Meat’s post-IPO rally surges to more than 680% as short sellers lose hundreds of millions

Shares of the plant-based meat alternatives company ballooned more than 15% in pre-market trading Tuesday, extending gains.

Beyond Meat extends its post-IPO tear to 550% after report of Impossible Burger shortages

Beyond Meat shares are continuing upward momentum after a report about Impossible burger shortages Friday.
The Impossible Burger is made from textured wheat protein, potato protein, coconut oil, fat, and other additives found in processed foods.

How the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger actually compare when it comes to calories, sodium, and more

As plant-based "meat" takes America by storm, many people may be wondering what they are actually eating.

Experts say watch these 5 companies clamoring to join the plant-based ‘meat’ market dominated by Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is not the only protein company investors should be watching. It will soon face serious competition from a handful of players.
The Beyond Meat IPO at the Nasdaq Marketsite.

Beyond Meat jumps on report that Impossible Burger shortages have hit restaurants

Shares of Beyond Meat rose in early trading Friday after Bloomberg reported on Impossible Burger shortages at restaurants including Red Robin.
Tyson Foods is firing a direct shot at Beyond Meat.

Tyson takes on Beyond Meat with plans to make plant-based ‘meat’ a billion-dollar business

Tyson Foods is taking on Beyond Meat with a new line of plant-based meat alternatives, including vegan nuggets launching later this year.

Beyond Meat tanks after Tyson launches its own line of plant-based meat alternatives

Shares of Beyond Meat fell early Thursday after Tyson Foods announced its own line of plant-based protein products.

Beyond Meat rockets higher after Tim Hortons says it’ll offer plant-based meat in breakfast sandwiches across Canada

Shares of Beyond Meat traded up Wednesday after the company announced that its breakfast sandwiches are available at Tim Hortons across Canada.