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I’ve lived in the Bay Area for 30 years, and I’m convinced that tech companies have ruined it

The Bay Area is saturated with tech companies like Twitter and DropBox, but it wasn’t always that way.

Fad diets never worked for me, but a fitness app helped me lose 28 pounds in four months

Fitness apps can help you facilitate a healthy life. Chelsea Greenwood details how the MyFitnessPal app helped her lose 28 pounds in four months.
Wells Fargo & Company donated 1% of its $27.4 billion pretax profit to charity.

10 of the companies that give the most to charity in the US

Charity is part of the missions of some of the biggest companies in the US. In 2017, donations to charity reached an estimated $410 billion. Here's 10 of the US companies that give the most to charity.
The author and his family.

We ask our kid the same question at the dinner table every day — and it helps both his thinking and our parenting

Being able to talk to your kids is important at any age. By asking questions every day, parents can help children reflect.
Boarding the California Zephyr.

7 reasons why traveling by train is better than flying

The train takes longer than flying and, for some trips, it doesn't make sense. But when I have time, the train is the way I definitely want to go.

Productivity hacks never helped me, but a morning habit I’ve had for 14 years allows me to stay focused on work

Here, author Jamie Friedlander shares how keeping a journal in the morning has helped quell her anxiety and allowed her to focus on work.

5 unexpected ways a promotion can make your life harder — and how to deal with them

Here are five downsides that I didn't expect to come with my promotion, including expectations to work longer hours.

I’ve been working from home for almost 10 years — these are the 6 tricks I use to get more done in less time

Here, author Jennifer Still details six things that she does to stay disciplined when working from home.

The 7 things you should consider before working for a startup founder

Business Insider asked four experts about working for startups, and here are their tips to help you decide if this position is right for you.

15 people reveal the best marriage advice they ever received from their parents

When it comes to marriage advice, parents are a great resource. Here, 15 people share the best marriage advice they ever received from their parents.