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Snickers bar.

The most popular candy bar in every state

Using Google Trends, we figured out the most popular candy bar in every state. Turns out America really loves KitKats, Snickers, and Reese's.

I don’t travel anywhere without this $16 flip case organizer that holds and protects all my essential tech accessories

The Porte Play Flat Flip Case from Target is a slim case that slips into my purse and makes it easy to access my cords, chargers, and earphones.

Prose vs. Function of Beauty — how the two most popular personalized hair-care companies stack up

Prose and Function of Beauty both offer excellent personalized shampoo and conditioner products, but one will be better than the other based on your budget, preferences for customization, and hair needs.
An illustration of SpaceX's "test hopper," an experimental stainless-steel ship. Though it won't launch into space, the vehicle will help Elon Musk's rocket company work on a large and similar Starship spacecraft for reaching Mars.

SpaceX’s giant rocket ship was damaged by powerful winds in Texas — the nosecone blew over, and Elon Musk says repairs will take weeks

Elon Musk said a stainless-steel prototype of SpaceX's Mars rocket was blown off its mooring blocks and knocked over by 50 mph winds overnight.
Andrew B., who has Type 1 diabetes, has seen his prices for insulin vary drastically over the past year.

No one could explain why this college student saw the price of his life-saving diabetes medication jump 150%, and it reveals a key problem with the US...

Business Insider spoke with one family who saw its insulin costs increase drastically over 2018, jumping more than 150% in 10 months.
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during the 2013 shutdown

The government shutdown is in day 32 and has shattered the record for the longest shutdown in history

The length of all government shutdowns, who was in control of the White House and Congress, and whether employees were sent home, all in one chart.

Here’s the town in every state with the most single people

Using data from the US Census Bureau, we found the town in every state with the highest share of residents who have never been married.

13 of the best places to visit if you’re planning a vacation in February

Vacation destinations like Maui, Rio de Janiero, and Bejing are just a few of the best places to visit in February.

The NFL quarterbacks who have played in and won the most Super Bowls

Tom Brady reigns supreme with eight Super Bowl appearances and five wins. He'll have a chance at his sixth in Super Bowl LIII.
"The Office"

NBC says it may eventually pull ‘The Office’ off Netflix to fuel its own streaming service

As more companies enter the streaming game, Netflix's catalog of licensed content, including NBC's "The Office," could disappear.