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The classic tale of "David & Goliath," as told through Bitmoji.

There’s now a version of the Bible that uses only Bitmoji, and it’s arrived just in time for Easter and Passover

Love religious scripture but don't love all that arcane language? The Bitmoji Bible is here to help.

Nancy Pelosi loves to quote a Bible verse that isn’t actually in the Bible at all

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a habit of quoting a line that she says is from the Bible but does not, in fact, appear anywhere in the holy text.
Donald Trump, then a presidential candidate, holds his bible while speaking at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Forum in Des Moines in September 2015.

‘Starting to make a turn back? Great!’: Trump advocates for ‘Bible literacy classes’ in US schools

President Donald Trump tweeted that it was "Great" that a number of states are looking to allow classes on the Bible to be taught in public schools.

A Roy Moore campaign spokesman appeared to be speechless when a CNN host said elected officials don’t have to be sworn in on the Christian Bible...

A campaign spokesman for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore appeared on CNN's "The Lead" in what became an awkward interview with Jake Tapper.

The Christian president of Hobby Lobby who’s embroiled in a ‘looted’ artifacts scandal is building a $500 million Museum of the Bibl...

Hobby Lobby's president is the chairman of the Museum of the Bible. Here's what you need to know about the museum following Hobby Lobby's smuggling scandal.

Photos reveal the excavation of a newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls cave

In February of 2016, it was announced that a new Dead Sea Scrolls cave had been discovered. These photos show exactly what was discovered.

A new Dead Sea Scrolls cave has been discovered — and it might not be the last

This changes what we know about the scrolls, which date back to about 530 BC to 70 CE. They include some of the first copies of biblical texts.

Sarah Palin defends Donald Trump: ‘WTH, LAMESTREAM MEDIA!’

She says the 'lapdog media' is unfairly attacking him.

Twitter is having a field day making up fake Donald Trump Bible quotes

Donald Trump had some awkward answers when asked about the Bible earlier today. Now Twitter is piling on.